Argentina & Uruguay

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From the jungles of Iguazu National Park to the glaciers of Patagonia, from the Pope to the Tango, Argentina is a country rich in diversity. The food, the music, and the culture are full of flavor, and opportunities to experience something new are around every corner. Try Dulce de Leche, enjoy a concert at Teatro Colón, and of course, dance the tango! A trip to Argentina is truly a life-changing opportunity for any young musician.

Featured Sample Itineraries

Dance the Tango, visit a local Estancia or hang out on the beach. Our sample itineraries feature the best activities highlighting Argentina’s unique culture.

Argentina Adventure

8 Days / 4 Buenos Aires / 2 Mar Del Plata / 2 Rosario

Viva Evita

8 Days / 6 Buenos Aires

Uruguay and Argentina

9 days / 2 Colonia / 5 Buenos Aires

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Argentina offers a wide variety of unique cities to visit, from the exciting Buenos Aires to the picturesque oceanside Mar del Plata, and beyond! Pair it with Uruguay for an extra adventure.

Buenos Aires

Fall in love with Argentina’s capital city, often referred to as the “Paris of South America”


Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata, meaning “sea of the Plate region”, is the 7th largest Argentinian city and is a significant fishing port and beach resort area.


Ranked as the “top Latin American city” by Mercer from 2006 onwards, Montevideo will charm you with its vibrant culture and beautiful scenery.


Familiarize yourself with the stunning neoclassical architecture that makes up a large portion of this historic city.

Featured Venues

The Teatro El Círculo, Facultad de Derecho, and Catedral Metropolitana are only three of many impressive venues Argentina has to offer for your performance needs!

Teatro Bastion del Carmen

Colonia del Sacramento

This is a great venue, located in the beautiful old town of Colonia del Sacramento. It works well for choirs, bands, and small orchestras, and due to the touristic nature of the town’s visitors, it attracts good crowds. A concert can be performed here as part of a Uruguayan tour or a day trip from Buenos Aires.

Metropolitan Cathedral


This Roman Catholic Church is located in Constitution Square of Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital city. Dedicated to the Immaculate Conception and the patron saints Philip and James, this church is the perfect place to perform your mass services in Uruguay.

Teatro Solis


The Solis theater opened in 1856 and is Uruguay’s most important and renowned theater. Located in the Old Town near Plaza Independencia, the Solis is the oldest opera house in the Americas, with an impressive Roman-style façade and beautiful interior. Through our connections in the capital, we are able to attract excellent, receptive crowds for our performing groups.

Facultad de Derecho

Buenos Aires

The University of Buenos Aires is the largest university in Argentina consisting of a variety of departments, hospitals, high schools and even museums. Though there is no central campus, many performance opportunities exist in the various buildings dispersed throughout the city such as the Facultad de Derecho.

Teatro El Círculo


This theater is known for its interior and exterior beauty, particularly the unique stage curtain featuring images from Greek mythology. Said to have an acoustic quality similar to New York’s Metropolitan Opera, this performance venue is a must when visiting Argentina.

Teatro Colón

Mar del Plata

Teatro Colón is the main opera house in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is among the top 5 venues in the world with the best acoustics—even Pavarotti thought so! The theater opened in May of 1908 with Verdi’s Aida and has up to 2,500 seats and standing room for 1,000 people.

Cathedral Metropolitana

Buenos Aires

Located in the center of Buenos Aires, Cathedral Metropolitana is Buenos Aires pivotal Catholic Church. The church is the principal church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Buenos Aires. Built in the 16th century, the frequent construction from that time has given the structure a mix of various architectural styles ranging from the 19th century styles of Renaissance Revival, Baroque Revival, and Neoclassical.

Usina de la Musica

Buenos Aires

A multi-purpose space for the arts, La Usina del Arte is located in the Boca district of Buenos Aires. Its main concert hall seats 1,200 and offers an exceptional space for instrumental and large choral groups alike.

Centro Cultural Kirchner

Buenos Aires

The Kirchner Cultural Center is the largest in Latin America, housing six performance halls and many more for the visual and fine arts. The main concert hall is the magnificent ‘Blue Whale’ that seats almost 2000 people and is an exceptional space for large orchestras.

Basílica del Espíritu Santo

Buenos Aires

This Catholic church offers the perfect setting for a choral or instrumental performance. Located in the suburb of Palermo in Buenos Aires and known for its concert performances, the parish has a great audience base, ensuring a warm and appreciative reception for our touring ensembles.