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Learn ways to maximize the success of your music program by defining a path to learning that engages students in experiences outside the classroom. Inside this 4-page whitepaper, you’ll discover how to:

  • Engage the student’s brain to answer the two basic questions of learning effectively
  • Define a rich and meaningful learning path
  • Establish a plan and creating a tradition
  • Change the lives of students through performance travel

Quotes from the author and Emmy-nominated composer, Ward Dilmore:

“The challenge for teachers in today’s classroom comes from a rapidly changing multimedia-based environment that competes for a student’s attention.”

“The international concert tour is not an add-on, not an afterthought, not a field trip for a fortunate few. It is built into the curriculum. It is a collective effort of students and parents that evolves through years of progress toward the sense of purpose that is the DNA of the program.”

Fill out the form to download the Whitepaper!

Fill out the form to download the Whitepaper!

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