Memorable Moments

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“The Estates Theatre was truly a highlight of our visit [to Prague]. We saw a string quartet, and I remember walking into it, the beautiful horseshoe shape of the theatre was stunning, and it gave a special kind of intimacy because it seemed like every seat had a personal relationship with the stage. And the idea that Mozart presented the premier of Don Giovani there was really an experience I could not have imagined…It moved me and has stayed with me for the rest of my life.”

Diane and Thom L.
Mozart & The Rake (Dresden & Prague)

“When I hear the words Encore Experiences, the phrase first-class comes to mind. I’ve found with the people at Encore, a reflection of some of the many reasons that I chose music as a profession. The people at Encore know the importance of celebrating and honoring the past through the many activities that they provided for us while embracing the innovations of the future.”

Rachel and Artie C.
Florence & Milan

“I think superlatives just don’t work; you have to be there to understand what a phenomenal sound the phenomenal instruments can make…In [the recital hall], it was transformative. It was absolutely amazing…I don’t think I took a breath the whole time we were there.”

Solveig H.
Sounds of Stradivarius (Florence & Milan)

Teatro alla Scala
Teatro alla Scala

“Traveling with Encore has provided so many unique experiences. I would have never gotten to see the backstage of La Scala in any other situation. I would never have been able to hear those incredibly amazing instruments in that [Stradivarius] recital hall on just a family-booked vacation. I wouldn’t have even known about it, first of all. And second of all, I would not have known to ask or had any kind of connection to experience that.

Encore brings those experiences to the forefront… You get to see stuff that nobody has seen, in some cases, for hundreds of years. Especially when we’re talking about things like the Mozart manuscripts and access to special places like the backstage of La Scala. Aside from the folks who work there, nobody gets that type of access, and Encore brings those experiences to you, and your life is changed because of it.”

Sean B.

“Hearing this beautiful music and knowing that [St. Stephen’s rooftop] is not a place that I would have been able to go on my own…Seeing the magic of the night of Vienna from St. Stephen’s roof was amazing. That was a memory I will treasure forever.”

Teresa C.
Keys to the Cathedral (Salzburg & Vienna)