All guests joining an Encore Collection program are invited to book a private pre-departure online consultation with one of our expert musical concierges, during which you may review the included musical highlights as well as request information on any tickets to additional concerts during your time in the city. Learn more about these passionate and knowledgable musical experts, as well as how they can enhance your travel experience.


Our staff is dedicated to providing travelers with once-in-a-lifetime experiences by securing privileged access to musical and cultural highlights from around the world. We also believe it's important to offer travelers freedom and flexibility to create their perfect trip. That's where our musical concierges come in.

By tapping into our rich global network, we are able to offer participants exclusive experiences in their destination city. Our experienced musical concierges are knowledgeable about all of the musical opportunities in each city visited, and can provide suggestions based on your unique interests.

This perk is only available to registered participants, but you can schedule a call to learn more.


John has spent the last 25 years organizing countless musical experiences in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, and Croatia. A passionate singer, pianist, and appreciater of the fine arts, John can help you find the perfect musical or cultural highlight to make your Encore Experience truly unforgettable.

Learn more about how our musical concierges can help you make the most out of your experience in the Czech Republic!

Meet Our Overseas Experts

Learn more about our knowledgeable team of musical experts in each of our destination cities.

Herbert Konrad

Herbert is an Austrian event and concert promoter with over 35 years of experience. Based in Vienna, Herbert has a unique perspective on the day-to-day musical events in Austria, and has privileged access to many of the countries top venues, destinations, and musical highlights.

Herbert K.


Theresa Konrad

Like Herbert, Theresa is an Austrian event and concert promoter with over 35 years of experience. Based in Vienna, Theresa has vast experience planning musical events in Austria. She has unique, behind-the-scenes access to many of the countries most incredible musical highlights and provides the fullest commitment to all visitors.

Theresa K.


John Tregellas

Fluently speaking both Czech and German, John has become an expert on the region of Central Europe, covering the area from the Baltics to the Adriatic coast. Having spent 25 years living in Prague and successfully working in the realm of classical music, he has developed many key relationships with top vendors, concert promoters, and musicians.

John T.

Czech Republic & Germany

Nadia Kramplova

Nadia studied history and pedagogy in Brno and Augsburg (Germany), but she feels most at home in Prague, where she is also a licensed city guide. She has spent years of scouting out the best musical destinations across Central Europe, in addition to guiding and organising group activities. A trained violinist, Nadia loves chamber music and knows all of the best under-the-radar classical venues in the surrounding areas. She also enjoys visiting historical monuments, reading and spending time with her two children.

Nadia K.

Czech Republic & Germany

Nicholas B.

Nicholas has extensive knowledge about art, music, and culture. After studying classical music for 10 years, he pursued a career as a concert organizer and music consultant. For the last 12 years, Nicholas has been exploring the music scene in Italy and Dalmatia; from the Dolomites to Kotor and from Mt. Blanc to Ragusa. Over this time, he's built an extensive network of connections in the local music communities. On your Experience, he will be available to answer all of your questions, whether you're curious about 6th century Ambrosian Chant, nearby Jazz festivals, up-and-coming local bands, or anything in between.

Nicholas B.


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