Costa Rican Tropics

1 San Jose  /  2 Tortuguero  /  2 San Carlos  /  1 Guanacaste Coast  /  2 San Jose

Begin your journey off the beaten path as you discover the remote Tortuguero and its fascinating wildlife, one of the most exotic regions in the world. Then explore San Carlos region where you’ll perform for locals and take a dip in the Tabacón Hot Springs while watching lava ooze from the Arenal Volcano above. Enjoy time at the beach along the Guanacaste Coast. Then return to the capital city where you will have your final concert performance!

Tour Highlights

  • Braulio Carrillo National Park

  • Tortuguero National Park

  • National Museum

  • Teatro Nacional

  • Guanacaste Coast

  • Arenal Volcano

  • 3 Performance Opportunities


9 Days / 1 San Jose / 2 Tortuguero / 2 San Carlos / 1 Guanacaste Coast / 2 San Jose

Depart the USA today for an exciting musical adventure in the tropics. Arrive in the capital of Costa Rica, meet your dedicated Encore Tour Manager and begin to explore this vibrant and bustling city full of Spanish colonial architecture and the friendliest people you may ever meet.

Begin today with an early drive through the spectacular cloud forest in Braulio Carrillo National Park, one of the few places in Costa Rica where a road winds through the rain forest. Keep your eyes peeled for sloths and quetzals as you go. Continue on a riverboat journey, which will take you to your lodge in Tortuguero. Enjoy spotting the wildlife as you travel, looking out for the West Indian manatee, caimans or spider monkeys hanging down over the river! All meals are included while in Tortuguero.

Wake up in Tortuguero National Park, home to the most important green sea turtle nesting ground in the Western Caribbean. Today’s sightseeing adventure within the park includes boat tours and hiking. The park is comprised of a series of canals, mangroves, swamps and lagoons that create perfect opportunities to study not only the vegetation but also the multitude of wildlife.

Leave Tortuguero and drive inland to the northern plains region of San Carlos. Arrive in the small town of La Fortuna, a sunny and charming little town a mere 4 miles from the Arenal Volcano. The volcano is a perfect cone more than 5,000 feet high. Tonight, perform your next concert performance for the people of San Carlos!

Today discover the beautiful La Fortuna Waterfall and hike to the swimming hole below. The water here is clear and cold, so in the evening, visit the nearby hot springs where you can take a dip in the hot pools. As you relax in the therapeutic, geothermal waters, look up at their source, the Arenal volcano, above!

Journey to Guanacaste on the northwest side of Costa Rica, an area containing one of the last tropical dry forests on the planet. You’ll travel by Arenal Lake. The lake is important for both producing 12% of the country’s energy and as a popular destination for windsurfing, kayaking and fishing. In the late afternoon, arrive at your seaside hotel and its pristine white beaches.

Enjoy a free day at the beach. Development projects are limited along the coastline to preserve the ecosystem, making this a wonderful place to enjoy Costa Rica’s sun and surf. This afternoon, return to San Jose for dinner and a folklore show!

Enjoy morning sightseeing with your Encore Tour Manager including the National Museum, with its impressive exhibits of natural history and pre-Columbian art and artifacts, and the University of Costa Rica. You will also visit the Teatro Nacional, modeled after the Paris Opera House and built from coffee taxes! This afternoon, rehearse for your final concert performance of the tour, which will take place this evening!

Transfer to the airport for your return flight to the United States.

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  • Joint performance at a local school
  • Workshop with the National Institute of Music
  • Folkloric dance show


  • Service project
  • Sarchi Workshop
  • Doka Coffee Plantation
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