Scandinavian Adventure

2 Tallinn  /  2 Riga  /  1 Overnight Ferry  /  2 Stockholm

This itinerary combines the musical history and wonders of Latvia, Estonia and Sweden. Begin your trip by exploring Tallinn, Estonia’s charming seaside capital, before continuing to Riga, the capital city of Latvia and host city for the Riga Jurmala Music Festival which showcases world-famous orchestras and conductors, as well as outstanding soloists. Board an overnight ferry and wake up in Stockholm, the chic capital of Sweden!

Tour Highlights

  • Tallinn UNESCO-listed Old Town

  • Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin

  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

  • Turaida Museum Reserve

  • Jurmala

  • Vasa Warship Museum

  • 3 Performance Opportunities


9 Days / 2 Tallinn / 2 Riga / 1 Overnight Ferry / 2 Stockholm

Depart from the USA.

Welcome to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Meet your Encore Tour Manager and being to explore this walled seaside city on the Gulf of Finland, which offers a beguiling blend of both old and new. Tallinn first appeared on a map in 1154, and while is now considered the Silicon Valley of Europe, the UNESCO-listed Old Town is still full of fairy-tale charms as one of Europe’s most complete walled cities.

Tallinn blends medieval tranquility and modern urban life with its many shops, galleries, souvenir markets, outdoor cafés and restaurants. Explore with your local guide as you pass through the historical Upper Town, featuring the 13th-century Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin, the oldest church in mainland Estonia. You’ll also visit the ornate, onion-domed Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, built in 1900 under Russian rule. Panorama platforms offer scenic views of the sea and the town, and a tour of Lower Town shows off its medieval merchants’ and guild buildings and Tallinn’s Gothic Town Hall. This evening, rehearse and perform your debut concert performance!

This morning you’ll drive along the Baltic Sea to Riga, the capital of Latvia. Along the way, you’ll stop and marvel at the treasures in the Turaida Museum Reserve. Turaida means ‘God’s Garden’ in ancient Livonian, and this green knoll capped with a fairy-tale castle is certainly a heavenly place. This protected collection of archaeological, architectural, historic and art monuments provide an account of the region’s history from the 11th century onwards. Then continue on to Riga, arriving in time for dinner.

Enjoy a guided sightseeing tour of Riga by bus and foot to discover excellent examples of Art Nouveau as well as the Medieval Architecture of cloisters, churches, warehouses, and lodgings. On your tour you will see the UNESCO heritage center, a panoramic view of the President’s Palace, the unique Art Nouveau area, the Freedom Monument, and Boulevard Circle with the National Opera and Latvian University. Tonight, rehearse and perform your second concert performance of the tour!

Start the morning with an excursion to Jurmala, a seaside resort town on the Gulf of Riga. The city is strongly characterized by its beautiful beaches and architecture, including many ornate timber cottages with elaborate, gingerbread-style trim. It’s also known for its mineral springs and spas. After a relaxing outing, you’ll return to Riga and board the overnight ferry to Stockholm, enjoying a buffet dinner along the way.

Upon your morning arrival, a sightseeing tour of Stockholm showcases key architectural treasures of Sweden’s capital city, including the City Hall and Old Town, as well as a visit to the Vasa Warship Museum, dedicated to the Vasa, one of the world’s largest battle vessels when it was built in 1627. It sank in 1628 and was raised from Stockholm’s harbor 333 years later and restored in 1961.

This morning enjoy free time to roam around this beautiful city at your own speed, perhaps taking in the world’s largest art gallery–the Metro system’s underground stations, about 90 of which feature amazing mosaics, paintings and sculptures that you can admire for the mere price of a train ticket. Or maybe you’ll stroll to the landmark, 20-story-tall Telefonplan tower and use your cellphone to control its colored lights! Rejoin your group later in the afternoon for your rehearsal and final concert performance! Tonight, enjoy a special farewell dinner together to celebrate your successful performance tour to the Baltics and Scandinavia!

Return home.

Sample Customizations*

General Changes

  • Add day(s)/Remove day(s)
  • Add overnight city (Vilnius, Tartu, Helsinki, and more!)
  • Add/Remove meals
  • Add/Remove a performance
  • Reverse itinerary

Add a Musical Highlight

  • Workshop with a local conductor
  • “Behind the Curtains” at the Latvian National Opera House
  • Attend an opera or classical music performance

Add an Activity or Excursion

  • Latvian Folk dance workshop
  • Traditional Viking fishing lesson and competition
  • Kiek in de Kök
  • Dinner at Den Gyldene Freden
*All customizations subject to operational feasibility and availability

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