Academic Credit

Encore tours are educational—and it’s not just us saying so.

Teachers and academic institutions agree. In fact, students can earn academic credit for traveling.

Cooperating Institutions

  • Local High School:

    High-school credit is granted at the discretion of the individual school according to the local policy on out-of-school study. Contact the appropriate administrator.
  • Undergraduate or Graduate Credit

    Through California State University, Sacramento (CSUS), earn one credit per week of travel (up to four units of graduate credit and up to six units of undergraduate credit). Available for adults and high-school students in their junior year of study or above. $250 per credit unit (subject to change). Applicants are required to pre-plan their program of study and submit a written proposal for approval approximately six weeks prior to departure.

    Gabriel Hernandez
    CSUS College of Continuing Education
    Attn: Travel Study
    3000 State University Drive
    Sacramento, CA 95819
    Tel: (916) 278-7528
    Fax: (916) 278-4602
  • Other Institutions by Individual arrangement

Credit Procedures

Different institutions have slightly varying procedures, but almost all require these two steps:

  1. Prepare a Study Proposal
    Before leaving on your performance tour, list the topics to be explored on the trip and the learning activities planned.
  2. Write up a Project Report
    Upon your return, detail observations, reflections, and cultural comparisons made on your trip. Often this report consists of an Academic Log kept during the trip, with conclusions written after your return.