Travel Protocols

Whether you’re a seasoned performer or you’re setting out on your first performance tour, Encore Tours is your trusted travel companion. Explore this page for detailed information about trip registration, packing essentials, and other valuable travel tips. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring your performance tour is a transformative adventure, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Get ready to elevate your travel experience and discover why Encore means more.

What to Know for Groups on the Go

Groups and individuals traveling with Encore Tours in 2022 should know that Encore has enacted the following new protocols to support a travel experience that is as safe as possible. Travelers who don’t adhere to these new protocols may be dismissed from the tour and sent home with no refund.

Global Travel Information

To help make an informed decision, travelers may want to consult with local and federal resources, as well as speak with their own personal physician for advice. Encore’s official policy is to offer rerouted or rescheduled itineraries to any destination under a US State Department Level 4 Travel Advisory within 90 days prior to departure.

COVID-19 Risks

Travel during the COVID-19 pandemic involves certain inherent risks of infection and/or travel delay that Encore cannot wholly eliminate. Every participant who chooses to travel at present must be willing to accept these elevated risks, while at the same time following Encore and local guidelines designed to maximize the well-being of everyone in the group.

face mask


Many destinations are now either denying entry to unvaccinated visitors or have introduced vaccination requirements in order to move freely within the country. Even in locations without such official regulations, delivering a safe and enjoyable travel experience for all becomes difficult to achieve in the close quarters of a group performance tour when some travelers are vaccinated while others are not. Given these restrictions, all group leaders and travelers will need to be fully vaccinated in order to travel with us in 2022. Many destinations are also requiring a negative PCR test 72 hours before arrival. For that reason, Encore is strongly recommending that all participants take a PCR test before departure for increased peace of mind.

You are responsible for arranging for your vaccination and should be prepared to provide suitable documentation of it throughout your tour. Travelers should also be on the lookout for common symptoms of COVID in the days leading up to their trip and should not travel if these symptoms exist.

Your tour manager and touring bus driver will also be vaccinated. Encore will ensure that all travelers have the necessary overseas medical coverage to meet any special requirements put in place by local governments for travel as well.


Masks that cover both nose and mouth will be required on tour and you should bring plenty with you for the length of your trip. Encore will have extra masks on hand should anybody need a spare. We will encourage frequent use of hand sanitizer and participants should bring their own supply with them, to supplement what will be available on the bus and in hotels.

Should a traveler become sick or test positive for COVID during the trip, Encore will arrange for any needed medical care and help to sort out isolation requirements. These isolation/quarantine requirements may prevent a traveler from flying home on their original return date. While in isolation or quarantine overseas, costs related to accommodations, meals, further testing, and return flights are covered by your overseas protection plan.

According to the CDC, individuals who are fully vaccinated do not have to self-quarantine after exposure to a person with COVID-19 and can travel, unless they also have COVID-19 symptoms. This means that vaccinated participants can continue on their trip or return home at the end of the trip even if other participant(s) on the tour receive a positive COVID test while overseas. Encore will work with group leaders and our on-the-ground support staff to ensure that any minors who are forced to quarantine will have a responsible adult remain with them.


Currently all travelers entering the United States are required to show proof of a negative COVID test from within three days of their return flight. Encore will manage the logistics and cover the cost for these tests for groups traveling in 2022. Upon returning home, travelers should also be prepared to follow any local guidelines in place related to people arriving from out of state.