November 16, 2017     Ward Dilmore

10 Things Orchestra Directors Can Be Thankful For


1. When students remember their instruments every day

— Aashna Belenje (@ABelenje) June 2, 2017

2. Musicians who sit quietly when they’re not playing

Photo via I Teach Orchestra

…And hold their instrument in the correct hand.

3. People who practice

Photo via

4. Having extra bows


5. Musicians who bring pencils to rehearsals

Photo via The Music Fox

6. Trumpet players who blend

Photo via Horn Players

7. Students who listen to instructions the first time


8. Players who mark in their bowings (with pencil)


9. Musicians who actually watch and play at your tempo


10. Being able to take the orchestra trip of a lifetime with Encore Tours!

All of us at Encore Tours are grateful for you! The music teachers and directors who impact the lives of students on a daily basis. Thank you for all that you do!

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