October 27, 2015     Tori Cook

15 Lesson Plans – Teaching the National Core Music Standards through Music Travel (Lesson 5)



Explain the criteria used to select a varied repertoire to study based on an understanding of theoretical and structural characteristics of the music, the technical skill of the individual or ensemble, and the purpose or context of the performance.


Get the students involved in selecting your touring repertoire. Establish guidelines for choosing repertoire (perhaps something the group has performed already or has researched.) After submission, you may decide to choose some of the students’ recommendations while also including some of your own selected repertoire.


Submit 3 repertoire choices that you think the ensemble should perform overseas. Write one paragraph per piece, explaining your reasoning.


  • Why is this piece appropriate for the venues we will be performing in (perhaps they only allow sacred music, etc.)?
  • Why is the context of the piece fitting to perform for the locals?
  • How is the piece conducive to the ensemble’s abilities?
  • How would these three pieces fit together in a program? What is their connection to each other?
  • Which piece would you perform first, last, etc. and why?

Since the new core music standards were launched in June 2014, music teachers across the country have been identifying ways to teach them in their classrooms. For ensembles that travel, some standards can easily be met through pre-departure preparations, while on tour, and even upon return. This is the third lesson plan for a new e-book, which directly addresses each new core standard while also incorporating touring elements. Download the full e-book here:

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