December 16, 2014     Tori Cook

19 Awesome Gifts to Give Your Choir Director This Holiday Season


The holidays are quickly approaching and you’re rushing to find the perfect gift for your choir director. Look no further! Here is a list of the best gifts for your choir director this holiday season. With gifts like these, you’re sure to be the teacher’s pet in the new year!

For the practical choir director:
  1. Pitch-pipe – What could be better? Get the C-C pipe is they direct women’s choirs and the F-F pipe if they direct men’s choirs
  2. If they are really into tuning, check out this case of 8 tuning forks with mallet!
  3. JW Pepper Gift Card – for purchasing some new sheet music.
  4. Musical Clock – great for timing your rehearsals perfectly!
For the choir director who loves to decorate:
  1. Musical ornaments – easy to buy, easy to make!
  2. Easy DIY Music Magnets
  3. Musical Wall Decor
For the choir director who loves to accessorize:
  1. Piano Music Tie – No, really it’s a piano.
  2. Or any musical tie, for that matter!
  3. Crossclef jewelry – a great gift for our church choir directors out there
  4. “I’m a natural” Cap – great for sports lovers too
For the choir director who loves their iPhone just a little too much:
  1. Check out these iPhone cases on Etsy and Zazzle
  2. Glam Music Charms – to accessorize your phone
For the choir director that really needs a drink before every concert:
  1. Major Scale Wine Glasses – that’s right, these are wine glasses that, when filled up to a certain level, give every pitch in the major scale. Who could need anything else?
  2. “May the Schwa Be With You” Glass – the classic inside joke that only vocalists will understand
For the handbell choir director:
  1. This incredible blanket wrap – so cozy!
And finally, for any and all choir directors:
  1. I Lead, You Follow Poster – perfect for the classroom wall
  2. “Don’t Make Me Use My Choir Director Voice” T-shirt – please don’t – I’m scared already!
  3. Sheet Music Flower Bouquet – This beautiful bouquet of sheet music flowers will never die! It’s the perfect gift to give your choir director after the holiday performance.

Don’t forget to wrap your gifts with your recycled sheet music for that extra touch!

Good luck finding the perfect gift for your choir director. For more holiday ideas, don’t forget to follow our Musical Holidays board on Pinterest!

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