August 30, 2017     Kate Huffman

Benefit Concerts for Hurricane Harvey Victims & How You Can Help


If you live in the U.S., you’ve no doubt heard about Hurricane Harvey, the tropical storm causing catastrophic flooding in southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana.  Tens of thousands of people are displaced in shelters, properties including homes and schools have been severely damaged, and over thirty people have lost their lives. 

For those whose hearts are aching for the victims of the storm, it can feel hard to know what to do to help, especially if you are far from the area of the country affected. A number of organizations have published articles on what to do and how you can help, which we’ve linked to below. 

A few individuals and organizations are using their musical gifts to raise funds to send to those affected by the storm.

Below is a list of the benefit concerts we know of:

Other arts-related efforts to help Harvey victims & news:

Emergency Preparedness for Arts Organization Resources:

Below are articles outlining actions you can take to help schools, organizations, and individuals affected by the storm: 

Our thoughts are with our Encore Tours directors and musicians, as well as all affected in the areas hit by the severe weather. 

If you are hosting a benefit concert for those affected by Hurricane Harvey or the severe weather affecting millions in South Asia, please let us know. We will add your efforts to our list.

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