December 18, 2023     Encore Admin

Symphony on the Danube

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Vienna with a private evening concert cruise along the Danube River.

November 14, 2023     Encore Admin

Viennese Valuation

Founded by Emperor Joseph I in 1707, the Dorotheum is one of the oldest and largest auction houses worldwide.

November 14, 2023     Encore Admin

Waltz With Me

Perfect your box-step under the guidance of an expert in Viennese Waltz. The city offers many opportunities for ballroom dancing to show off your technique later in the day.

November 14, 2023     Encore Admin

Keys to the Cathedral

Stephansdom stands at the heart of Vienna and its stories represent the soul of the city.

November 14, 2023     Encore Admin

Pianoforte Perfection

Placido Domingo once said ‘Sometimes pianists try to sound like singers. Me personally I try to sound like a Bösendorfer’.

November 14, 2023     Encore Admin

Original Mozart

Hidden in a residential Salzburg square is the entrance to a special musical treasure not normally open to the public.

November 14, 2023     Encore Admin

Staatsoper Und Sacher

A pre-performance presentation on Vincenzo Bellini and his opera I Puritani, will enhance your enjoyment of a production at Staatsoper, one of the great opera houses of the world.

November 14, 2023     Encore Admin

A Golden Opportunity

Truly one of the world’s most stunning concert venues for its aesthetic and acoustic, enjoy privileged access behind the scenes and with a member of the Vienna Philharmonic who will share th…