April 9, 2024     David Solar


Cellettes, located in France’s Loir-et-Cher, enchants with its picturesque landscapes and historic charm, highlighted by the famous Château de Beauregard.

January 30, 2024     Encore Admin


Explore the timeless charm of Bordeaux, known for its historic architecture, world-class vineyards, and delightful gastronomy.

December 19, 2023     Encore Admin

Vineyard Virtuoso

Dive into Bordeaux’s rich cultural tapestry with a private wine tasting in St. Emilion. Later, be enchanted by the performances of Beethoven’s Symphony No.

December 19, 2023     Encore Admin

Versailles Reverie

Experience the grandeur of Louis XIV’s palace at Versailles with a private and exclusive visit to the Galeries des Glaces and the King’s Apartments.

November 15, 2023     Encore Admin

Melodic Splendor

Experience an enchanting evening at Château du Soleil, where timeless melodies fill the opulent grand salon aglow with candlelight and adorned with intricate tapestries.

November 15, 2023     Encore Admin

Symphonic Serenade 

Indulge in a truly extraordinary encounter with the world of symphony.

November 15, 2023     Encore Admin

Echoes of Eternity

Experience the sublime allure of French organ music with our exclusive organ showcase at Chartres Cathedral.

November 14, 2023     Encore Admin

Le Palais Garnier

Built for the Paris Opera at the behest of Emperor Napoleon III, the Palais Garnier (also known as Opera Garnier) is the setting for The Phantom of the Opera and is arguably the most famous oper…