April 18, 2024     David Solar

A Greco-Roman Rhapsody

Discover the harmonious blend of history and music on “A Greco-Roman Rhapsody” tour.

April 16, 2024     David Solar


Stresa, Italy, offers a unique blend of music, culture, and cuisine. Home to the celebrated Stresa Festival, the town vibrates with classical and jazz music against the backdrop of Lake Maggiore.

April 15, 2024     David Solar


Often overshadowed by its more famous neighbor Venice, this city in Northern Italy offers a unique blend of cultural and culinary delights.

April 9, 2024     David Solar


Salerno, a coastal city in southern Italy, dazzles visitors with its stunning seafront promenade, medieval architecture, and the captivating ruins of the ancient Salerno Medical School, the world&…

April 3, 2024     David Solar


Parma is renowned for its rich culinary heritage, including Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Prosciutto di Parma, with opportunities for tours and tastings.

March 28, 2024     David Solar


Experience the timeless charm of Taormina on Sicily’s coast. Lose yourself in its ancient history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes.

March 28, 2024     David Solar


Experience Sorrento’s captivating blend of music and culture on Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

January 25, 2024     Encore Admin

Flavors of Florence

Uncover the magic of Florentine markets with a culinary expedition led by a skilled chef. Dive into the vibrant atmosphere, gather fresh ingredients, and participate in a hands-on cooking lesson.