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June 5, 2024     Encore Tours

Encore Means More: How We Anticipate the “What Ifs” of Travel


Performance travel is transformative, bringing ensembles closer together and creating unforgettable experiences. However, as planners, we recognize the ‘What Ifs’ that come to mind, from “what if my flight gets canceled?” to “what if someone loses a passport?” How we handle these What Ifs highlights our culture of care. Unlike budget tour operators, our comprehensive support, top-notch hotel locations, world-class venues, high-quality inclusions, authentic local cuisine and industry-leading protection plans justify the cost.

For every “What If,” we have a solution. Here are a few examples:

What if my flight gets canceled?

Even with meticulous planning, flight delays and cancellations can happen. That’s why we have a 24/7 Duty Officer network ready to adjust plans quickly. If there’s a delay, cancellation, or lost baggage, our team is on-call to assist. We understand the frustration of a delayed flight or missed connection, so we always strive to improve the situation. We’ll work with you directly to find the best solution for your group, which may include sightseeing excursions, extending your trip’s duration, or adjusting accommodations, based on your group’s individual needs. While we can’t control every flight situation for your travel day, our staff is always committed to ensuring you receive quality care and memorable moments.

“When we faced a sudden flight cancellation, [the Encore team] stepped in and quickly found alternative flights for our entire group. Their efficiency and support were truly appreciated.”

– Encore Group Leader (Orchestra Director)

What if our itinerary is delayed?

Significant delays can impact your itinerary, but Encore Tours ensures you won’t miss out. Our on-the-ground team will do their best to rearrange activities and in some cases, extend your trip to cover key experiences. We make these adjustments even if we don’t get refunds for missed accommodations and activities, prioritizing your experience over cost.

What if someone loses a passport?

Losing a passport is stressful, especially with an upcoming flight. Encore Tours has a team on standby to help handle the situation. Your Tour Manager, along with our Duty Officer network, will work swiftly to help get you to the nearest passport agency, as well as assist with any necessary accommodations and transportation during the wait.

“Our Tour Manager was a lifesaver when one of our students lost their passport. They immediately contacted the local authorities and coordinated with the embassy, ensuring minimal disruption to our trip.”

– Encore Assistant Teacher (Choral Group)

What if my instrument is lost or damaged on tour?

We understand the importance of your instruments. That’s why our Ultimate-Plus Protection Plan now includes $5,000 in instrument insurance. Your instruments are crucial to your artistry, and we ensure they’re protected throughout your journey. Additionally, we have relationships with many instrument rental companies across the globe and can work swiftly to find a replacement for the duration of the tour if needed.

What if there is an emergency back home?

Emergencies can occur at any time. Our around-the-clock duty officer system is always ready to respond instantly to requests and concerns, ensuring the comfort, security, and safety of our groups. This robust safety and support infrastructure is the cornerstone of our business and a key reason directors choose to travel with us. Whether coordinating an early return, arranging for a family member to join you at your destination, or managing other logistics, we’re here to support you.

“The support from Encore was incredible. They handled everything with care and ensured that health issues were managed promptly and effectively.”

– Encore Group Leader (Choir Director)

What if we need to change our itinerary mid-tour?

Travel requires flexibility. If changes are needed during your tour, Encore Tours will accommodate your requests. Our Tour Managers and local partners will adjust plans and make arrangements to suit your needs. We are committed to ensuring your tour runs smoothly, no matter the circumstances, so you can focus on enjoying your experience and creating lasting memories.

What if there are unexpected changes in local conditions?

Unexpected changes in local conditions, such as severe weather or political events, can occur. We are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our groups under any circumstances. Our experienced Tour Managers and local partners constantly monitor the situation and are prepared to adjust the itinerary as needed. Whether it means rerouting to safer areas, rescheduling activities, or finding alternative accommodations, we work swiftly to minimize disruption and keep your group safe. Our priority is to ensure that despite any unforeseen events, your experience remains positive and memorable.

“When we encountered unexpected heavy rains during our outdoor concert, Encore quickly arranged for an alternative indoor venue. Their swift action ensured our performance went on without a hitch.”

– Encore Group Leader (Orchestra Director)

At Encore Tours, we transform travel challenges into memorable experiences. Our proactive approach ensures smooth journeys, whether dealing with flight cancellations, lost passports, or emergencies. With comprehensive support, exceptional accommodations, world-class venues, and top-tier protection plans, we go beyond budget operators to prioritize your peace of mind. Trust us to handle the ‘What Ifs’ so you can focus on the joy of performance, camaraderie, and exploration.

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