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July 31, 2023     Encore Tours

Ensuring Success: How Encore Tours Guarantees Engaged Audiences at Every Performance


At Encore Tours, we understand that a successful performance tour goes beyond just showcasing your musical talents; it’s about creating captivating experiences that resonate with both performers and audiences alike. One of the key elements that set us apart from the competition is our unwavering commitment to providing guaranteed engaged audiences at every concert. Through our extensive overseas network, dedicated performance representatives, and a vast catalogue of exceptional venues, we can ensure that your performances become unforgettable moments cherished by all.

You might be wondering how we can deliver on our promise of guaranteed audiences at every performance. Rest assured, we have a comprehensive approach to ensure your concerts are met with enthusiastic crowds. Our commitment to empowering performers of all types, sizes, and skill levels sets us apart as a leading performance tour provider. Let’s dive into the steps we take to make your performances shine and how we assist in promoting your musical journey.

The Power of Our Overseas Network

Behind every successful performance tour lies a strong network of connections, and over the past 25 years we have carefully cultivated an extensive overseas network to achieve just that. Our overseas performance representatives are not just travel experts; they are personal musicians and performers themselves, well-known in their local communities. This unique quality allows them to secure dynamic venues that have a history of pulling in enthusiastic audiences. With their intimate knowledge of the local music scene, these representatives work tirelessly to match ensembles with venues that perfectly align with their musical style and performance preferences.

Our Vast Catalogue of Exceptional Venues

We pride ourselves on offering an impressive selection of venues around the world, each with its own distinct charm and history. From renowned concert halls to iconic cathedrals to intimate community spaces, our catalogue caters to a wide range of musical genres and ensemble sizes. Your dedicated program consultant will collaborate closely with you to understand your performance goals, ensemble’s personality, and musical preferences. Using this insight, they curate a personalized selection of venues that not only complement your repertoire but also cater to the unique needs and desires of your ensemble.

Support from Start to Finish

We believe that successful audience engagement starts well before the performance begins. That’s why we are dedicated to supporting every aspect of your journey. Our team assists with trip promotions, including advertisements, press releases, and flyers, to ensure that the local community and potential audience members are aware of your upcoming performance. Our repertoire suggestions, available in our extensive library, are carefully curated to align with the chosen venue, creating a harmonious and engaging performance experience.

Encore Tours’ commitment to providing engaged audiences has taken on even greater significance in recent years. Amidst the challenges the world has faced, live music has emerged as a powerful source of comfort and joy, creating an insatiable appetite for captivating performances. The resounding desire to be part of the shared experience of live music has been undeniable, and we have been privileged to witness audiences flocking to recent performances in large numbers, eager to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of music.

Recent testimonials from our 2023 tours serve as a testament to the power of our audience guarantee:

“Somehow we had standing room only. I heard that two buses of German tourists were in our hotel and they heard about the concert and came to it. Kudos to your staff for all of the fliers and posters that we saw everywhere in all three cities; they must have worked very hard to get us this audience.”

– Community Choir Director

“We were in a big tourist city and we had a lovely audience. There was a little ebb and flow with the doors open but it was mostly flow. Loved it.”

 – High School Music Director

“The audience was fabulous. People came in and out all the time, and it was lovely to sing for them both in dress rehearsal and in concert.”

– Youth Choir Director

“Encore is exceptional in so many ways, including venue options and audience development.”

– Adult Orchestra Director

“Such delightful and supportive audiences!”

– High School Music Director

Another group leader gushed about the “unbelievable audiences” on their Spanish choir tour, which featured over 2,000 attendees across three performances. These testimonials reaffirm our commitment to providing the best possible concert experiences, showcasing the depth of our expertise in securing engaged audiences at every performance.

As we continue to navigate this evolving landscape, we remain dedicated to empowering musicians and performers on their musical journeys and look forward to creating more unforgettable memories together. Join us on a performance tour and experience the joy of performing for enthusiastic audiences worldwide. Together, let us revel in the magic of live music and the profound connections it forges.

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