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Getting Started Step 1: Contact An Encore Tour Consultant


Planning your performance tour is a breeze with Encore. We’ll take care of all the planning and logistics, leaving you time to focus on the music!

Meet Your Encore Tour Consultant

Our tour consultants are experts in creating a customized itinerary to meet your ensemble’s performance goals. In order to help us tailor your tour, we’ll first ask for information about your ensemble itself and your travel details. Collecting this information in advance will help us make your travel experience smooth and hassle-free.

The Performance Details For Your Tour

We recognize that the key to your tour’s success lies in the performances. Toward this end, we want to learn more about your ensemble:

  1. Ensemble type (i.e. choral, instrumental, dance, music appreciation, etc.)
  2. How many performers are in your ensemble?
  3. What type of repertoire do you perform – i.e. sacred, secular, a combination?
  4. Have you done a performance tour before and if so, where have you traveled?
  5. What musical goals would you like to achieve while traveling overseas?
  6. How many performances would you like to give during your tour? Would you like any joint performances, benefit concerts or workshops/masterclasses included?
  7. If you’re bringing instruments, what large instruments do you anticipate traveling with?
  8. If you’re a choral ensemble, do you require a keyboard or piano at performances?

The Travel Details

Once we have an understanding of your performance needs, we move on to the travel details needed to custom-create your perfect performance tour:

  1. Which destination are you interested in?
  2. When would you like to travel? If your ensemble is flexible, we’ll counsel you on the advantages of traveling during off peak periods such as late Fall or early Winter.
  3. How many days total are you planning on traveling?
  4. What US airline gateway would you like to depart from?
  5. How many total travelers do you anticipate in your group (performers and non-performers)?
  6. What type of rooming are you interested in for your group –i.e. twin, triples, quads?
  7. How many free spaces do you require for chaperones, conductors, etc.?
  8. What is your budget per traveler?

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