June 26, 2018     Yuri Kim

Fundraising Opportunities for Music Teachers: Simple Ways to Fund Your Tour

Text: 'How do I fundraise?' | Description: White ceramic piggy bank on birch tabletop; photo taken from above

When considering going on a performance tour, we understand that money can be a point of concern. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that music programs have been able to successfully raise money for their band, choir, or orchestra trips. This list of 5 fundraising opportunities mixes both old and new ideas, and it might just be the inspiration you need to kick off your very own amazing fundraiser!

1. Spaghetti Dinner | Description: Close-up of olive oil, fresh tomatoes, and uncooked spaghetti placed together on kitchen table

The classic tried-and-true fundraiser: a spaghetti dinner! Jazz it up by offering different types of food, or perhaps even by adding a movie: host the dinner in a venue with a large blank wall and bring along a projector for an easy, instant movie screen.

2. Bake Sale | Description: Chocolate chip cookies on a picnic table

Who could possibly resist freshly-baked cookies? Bake sales are a great way to raise money and build camaraderie within your group. The wonderful smell will entice any curious folks over, offering a great opportunity for your students to interact with community members they may not have had the chance to interact with before. This can raise program awareness within your local community while simultaneously raising money for your performance tour.

3. Car Wash | Description: Car being washed by a hose and sunlight shining off the hood of the car

A great summertime fundraiser! A car wash will not only serve your community, it will get your ensemble members outside working together—great for building a strong sense of unity. Consider asking for donations instead of setting a hard price, as some people can be quite generous.

4. Raffle Trip | Description: Large airplane soaring through blue sky with fluffy white clouds

One of the many incredible things included when you travel with Encore Tours is the free trip for two that we offer: each of the groups that travel internationally with us is given two tickets—including airfare, hotel and breakfast—to Europe to use as a fundraiser for their trip. It’s a fantastic deal: we’ve seen groups raise over $40,000 with this!

5. Personal Fundraising Pages | Description: Coins of various denominations in a mason jar with a Post-It note on it that has the word 'give' written on it in cursive

People know that performance travel is hugely beneficial for the students (and teachers, too!) who get to take part in it. Your ensemble members’ loved ones will be happy to help fund a life-changing music tour. Every traveler on an Encore Tours trip will have their own personal fundraising page, complete with a description of the tour and a sample email message for students to use to raise money for their trip-of-a-lifetime.

With a little hard work and help from your community, your group can go a long way. Check out our e-Book for more tips & ideas on fundraising!

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