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Gauge Your Ensemble’s Touring Interest


Before you spend time customizing and planning a music tour, you may want to first gauge the interest of your ensemble. Finding out which of your ensemble members are interested in touring, their maximum price points and which destinations are the most appealing to them can be crucial in recruiting enough members to join your tour. 

Luckily, gauging your group’s interest is easy, thanks to free survey platforms online like SurveyMonkey. Sign up for an account, create a quiz and send it to your group. It’s that simple!

What Questions Should I Ask?

So, you might be wondering… what questions should I ask and what answer options should I provide? Here’s a few sample questions and answers to get you started:

1. Are you interested in touring?
☐ Definitely!
☐ Maybe, but I need more information.
☐ No

2. What time of year is best for you?
☐ Summer
☐ Spring
☐ Winter
☐ Fall

3. Given that the following inclusions are provided (round-trip air, tour manager, hotels, performances, coaching, meals, and more), what is the maximum budget that you are willing to spend?
☐ ​$1,000
☐ $2,500
☐ $3,500
☐ $4,500
☐ $5,500
☐ I could afford more
☐ I can’t afford any of those amounts, unless I have fundraising support
☐ Unsure

4. What destination(s) are the most appealing? (We recommend picking up to 3 destinations that you, the Group Leader, would be the most interested in traveling to. )

5. What voice or instrument part are you? (Important for determining balance)

6. Would you like to bring family, friends or companions on tour? If so, how many?

7. Comments/suggestions?

We recommend sending surveys anonymously so that you receive honest answers. However, should you need to know which ensemble members filled out the survey, add another question in to capture their first and last name.

Once you have collected your results, contact an Encore Tour Consultant to discuss!

Customize Your Tour

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