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Getting Started Step 4: Working with Your Program Manager


Once your passengers start registering, your tour is a “go!” You’ll be assigned your very own Encore Program Manager who will be there with you every step of the way during your tour planning process.

Program Managers 

In conjunction with our Operations team, your Program Manager’s job is to work on every aspect of your tour so you can focus on the music! They’ll touch base with you when your hotels, sightseeing activities, venues, and flights are confirmed. Their top priority is to make sure your performances are planned to perfection. They’ll work with you and with your venues to ensure your ensemble has the appropriate repertoire, stage layout, instrument rentals and transportation, publicity materials, piano/keyboard type, scheduled rehearsal times, concert attire, and more. They will also be there to help guide you through Encore’s product and answer any Encore-specific questions you might have.

Phew – that’s a lot for one person! That’s why you have two team members dedicated to your tour at all times. While your Program Manager is off working on the logistical details, your Encore Tour Consultant will be there to help you craft any revisions to your itinerary or tour prices and will help make sure you are on track with your recruiting goals!

Getting Started With Your Program Manager

As soon as your Program Manager is assigned, they will contact you to get started. They’ll review your tour itinerary with you and provide a general timeline of the planning process. You’ll be equipped with their contact information for any questions you may have and then they’ll get to work!

Meet the Encore Program Managers

Maggie  is a native of Idaho. Her passion for travel is precisely what led her to Boston and her current role as Program Manager for Encore Tours. She holds bachelors’ degrees in Vocal Performance and Music History and Literature and currently performs with Chorus pro Musica. She is obsessed with ice cream and all things sweet.

Frieda‘s love of music and travel started early with piano lessons at the age of 5 and continued through high school and college with the addition of her new passion, musical theatre. The first time Frieda left the country was actually on an ACIS tour with her drama club! She then spent 4 years studying international relations in London and soaking up as much of the vibrant, artistic, city as she could. London provided the perfect gateway for many trips to France, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, and Egypt and she even took a semester abroad in Paris. After 6 years in London, she packed her bag and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand. With nothing but a backpack and a used guidebook, she traipsed through South East Asia. From jumping off waterfalls in Thailand, meditating in Cambodia, trekking across Burma, and swimming with whalesharks in the Philippines, it was a life-changing adventure! She’s a live music fanatic and music festivals are some of her favorite excuses (not that she needs much of one) to travel. Next she hopes to get to Australia for the Byron Bay Blues Festival and Big Day Out!  

 A Mobile, Alabama native, Glendon first traveled outside the United  States with his high school marching band in the London New Year’s  Day parade. He’s loved traveling and playing trombone all over the  world ever since and has performed with brass bands, orchestras, and  symphonic bands in both the United States and United Kingdom.  Glendon completed a Master’s Degree in medieval Welsh literature at  Aberystwyth University in Wales and before moving to Boston, he was a history teacher at a high school in Brighton, England.

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