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Group Travel Videos: A Lasting Travel Souvenir


Encore Tours is happy to partner with Group Travel Videos™ by PhotoVision, Inc., based in Charlotte, NC. For almost 20 years, they have been saving the travel memories of hundreds of thousands of students and adults traveling all over the world by compiling the photos taken on tour to create a lasting memory keepsake DVD for each traveler. Videos include destination music, awesome special effects, and custom titles.

Their free mobile app allows passengers to upload their photos from smartphones to create not only a DVD for each traveler, but also a streaming online video that can be viewed from any device – phones, tablets, or computers. Each group has their own secure password to access the video files and can even upload additional photos using their digital cameras after the tour.

How Do Directors Use Group Travel Videos?

Directors will be given administrative access into their group’s online photos. In their online account, they will be able to monitor photo uploads and download their full photo and video files after the tour.

Directors can also use Group Travel Videos™ to help recruit new travelers and band members by showing last year’s video at this year’s parent meetings. Imagine showing it at the year-end band banquet to relive their performance trip. Many groups can use it as a fund raiser by selling extra copies to family and friends. Your band or chorus can submit their performance music recorded by the group to be used as the background. Live video clips can also be added of your performance for no additional charge. 

There is also a Geo mapping and messaging feature in the app that allows the Group Leader the ability to keep track of the whereabouts of their students while on tour (with appropriate permissions). The director can message an individual or the entire group with important information pertaining to the trip! 

How Do Passengers Use Group Travel Videos?

The passengers help create this keepsake by contributing the photos that will make their travel memories last a lifetime. The photos and the highlight video can be shared on their favorite social media platform right from the app. Family and friends can follow along in real time as the group travels by logging in to the app or the Group Travel Video™ website and seeing the photos uploaded. At the end of the trip, the finished photo/video gallery can be viewed on the password protected website. Parents of youth passengers will have peace of mind seeing how their hard-earned money was spent when sending their student on their once in a lifetime trip. 

The Encore Benefit

Group Travel Videos will be provided for every Encore Group Leader and passenger in 2018 and beyond, unless otherwise specified in your group’s proposal. We’re excited to help all our passengers create and save memories that will last a lifetime!

Download the Group Travel Video™ app here: 

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