May 25, 2017     Kate Huffman

How to Build a Strong Beginner Strings Program


Whether being tasked with building a new beginner strings program or wanting to increase recruitment and retention in your current program, the road ahead may seem daunting. Encore Tours’ newest eBook “A Year in the Life of Beginner Strings” provides music directors with the key to unlock your strings program’s potential.

eBook author, Ward Dilmore, comes to Encore Tours having been a client for nearly 20 years. This eBook provides a year-long, month-to-month template that Ward developed and tested through 33 years of public school teaching, building a strings program in Wilmington, MA from 12 to over 400 students. It’s based on a sense of purpose that unfolds over ten years, from grades 3 – 12. 

The secret to success? Define the ten-year path and fill it with traditions that celebrate respect, harmony and community pride. 

For all of Ward’s tips on how to build a beginning strings program that will not only retain and engage students, but will take your young musicians and your music program to new places, download our new free eBook. 

Get even more tips and advice at our Music Educator Resource Center.

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