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Lesson 6: 15 Lesson Plans – Teaching the National Core Music Standards through Music Travel



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Demonstrate, using music reading skills where appropriate, how compositional devices employed and theoretical and structural aspects of musical works impact and inform prepared or improvised performances.


Break the classroom into small groups for an outside class assignment. Assign each group two contrasting pieces of your touring repertoire to analyze. Establish necessary guidelines including a presentational format. Set up presentation schedule. After each presentation, do a wrap-up with the ensemble highlighting key takeaways from each piece. Then, spend 15 minutes rehearsing the new concepts discussed with the ensemble.


Outside of class in your small group, discuss the different compositional techniques used in each of your assigned pieces. Together, discuss how these techniques might affect the ensemble’s performance/interpretation of the pieces. Put together a 15-minute presentation for class based on your analysis. Presentations may include written notes in the score displayed on the board or students performing as an example of the concepts discussed.

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  • What parts of each piece deploy important compositional techniques? Write down measure numbers for reference.
  • Why might the composer choose these techniques over others? What emotion do you think the composer was attempting to portray? Why?
  • How will these techniques translate in a performance? Individually? As a section? As an ensemble?
  • How do the compositional techniques vary from one piece to another? Are they similar or different?
  • Are there any key takeaways from each piece that the ensemble should focus on?

Since the new core music standards were launched in June 2014, music teachers across the country have been identifying ways to teach them in their classrooms. For ensembles that travel, some standards can easily be met through pre-departure preparations, while on tour and even upon return. This is the third lesson plan for a new e-book which directly addresses each new core standard while also incorporating touring elements. Download the full e-book here:

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