November 7, 2016     Tori Cook

Lesson Plan 12/13: Responding – Analyze & Interpret – Teaching the Core Music Standards


Lesson Plan 12: Responding – Analyze 

MU:Re7.2.E.Ia Explain how the analysis of passages and understanding the way the elements of music are manipulated inform the response to music.


Have your tour company book a professional performance for your students to attend while overseas.


Listen to the local performance and think about how you respond to the music. Write down three ways in which you responded to the music and how the music elicited that response. Discuss as a class.

Lesson Plan 13: Responding – Interpret

MU:Re8.1.E.Ia Explain and support interpretations of the expressive intent and meaning of musical works, citing as evidence the treatment of the elements of music, contexts, (when appropriate) the setting of the text, and personal research.


Establish any necessary guidelines, due date and assignment format.


While attending a performance overseas (see Lesson 12), pick one piece to interpret. Choose 2-3 elements of the piece to discuss, whether it be the melody, the lyrics, etc. Interpret their meaning and explain. Upon returning from tour, hand in your written interpretation of the piece.


  • How did the performance influence your interpretation of the piece?
  • Did individual performers allow certain expressive elements to come through the music?
  • During which parts? Why were these choices made?
  • When and where was the piece written and first performed? How does the time period or destination influence the interpretation of the piece?
  • In your opinion, what was the composer’s meaning or intent behind the musical work? How did the expressive elements in the piece portray this meaning?

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