June 7, 2016     Tori Cook

Lesson Plans 9 & 10: Performing, Present – Teaching the Core Music Standards

Lesson 9 - Performing, Present ||


Demonstrate attention to technical accuracy and expressive qualities in prepared and improvised performances of a varied repertoire of music representing diverse cultures, styles, and genres.


Think about how has each student has demonstrated their technical accuracy and expressive qualities with each performance. Provide written feedback to your ensemble, sections and/or individuals.


As an ensemble, you will perform your selected repertoire in a variety of venues on tour. You will receive a written evaluation from your teacher. Review the evaluation and discuss with your teacher.

Lesson 10 - Performing, Present ||


Demonstrate an understanding of expressive intent by connecting with an audience through prepared and improvised performances.


During your performance, pay close attention to how your audience reacts. Discuss the experience with the ensemble after each performance.


  • Which piece seemed to connect the most with the audience? Why?
  • Was the audience more or less receptive than the other audiences on tour?
  • Where there specific points in the music where the audience seemed more engaged?
  • Did the audience understand the expressive intent of the pieces? How can you tell?
  • How did the connection with the audience impact your performance individually, as a section or as an ensemble?

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