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Meet Sean Boulware: Our New Program Consultant for the Western US


At Encore Tours, our team is a blend of passionate, well-traveled professionals dedicated to providing unforgettable experiences. We are thrilled to introduce our newest member, Dr. Seán Boulware, who joins us as a beacon of expertise and enthusiasm in the realm of musical travel.

Learn All About Our Newest Team Member!

Dr. Boulware is a prominent conductor, adjudicator, clinician, and vocalist, with significant achievements both at home and abroad. His expertise in choral management, audience development, and the innovative use of technology in music positions him as a pivotal addition to our team. Notably, his contributions were instrumental during the COVID-19 pandemic, co-authoring studies for safe singing and designing specialized singers’ masks with a team from Oxford University.

Dr. Boulware’s distinguished career includes preparing choruses for esteemed conductors and artists, showcasing his choirs at world-renowned venues like Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center, and achieving critical acclaim for his innovative performances. His global influence extends through conducting and teaching internationally, further enriching his perspective and expertise.

With an eye to the future, Dr. Boulware is eager to bring his choirs to the forefront of international choral music with Encore Tours. In 2025, his leadership will guide the California Central Coast Choral through Scotland, marking the ensemble’s 24th performance tour with him as their conductor.

Beyond the podium, Dr. Boulware’s accomplishments as a vocalist have seen him perform alongside esteemed orchestras and Broadway productions. His commitment to nurturing emerging talent in local and educational theater and music underscores his passion for developing the next generation of musicians.

Residing in Pebble Beach, California, Dr. Boulware continues to influence the musical landscape through his directorship of various choirs and educational roles. His extensive experience and profound commitment position him uniquely to craft the perfect music tour experiences tailored to the needs of other directors. His deep understanding of the intricate dynamics of choral performance, combined with his innovative approach to music education and technology, ensures he can offer unparalleled guidance and support.

This ability to plan and execute exceptional music tours, coupled with his dedication to the arts, makes Dr. Boulware an invaluable asset to the Encore Tours team, enhancing our capability to deliver memorable and enriching experiences to all our clients.

Welcome to the team, Sean!

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