Meet Yuri
June 19, 2018     Yuri Kim

Meet Yuri – New Encore Tours Intern!


Hi there! It’s great to meet you. My name is Yuri, and I am a new Marketing Intern here at Encore Tours! It’s always a tricky question to answer when people ask me where I’m from: I was born in Hong Kong, but I split my childhood and adolescence between New Jersey and South Korea. I moved to Boston for school and have now been here for about six years. After attending art school and eventually graduating from Boston College, I took a year off to volunteer for various organizations, then began working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer…which I still do!

Me at the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Catalonia, Spain

As for my musical background, I started playing the piano at 5, then joined my school band and choir in middle school and continued until graduation. I now play piano and guitar (classical and electric) and enjoy singing in the shower. It’s very hard to pick just one thing that I love most about music, but I will always appreciate its incredible ability to heal and influence emotions. Even on the worst of days, you know it’ll be there for you when you’re feeling down.

Other things I’m passionate about include art & design, animals (especially dogs!), exploring new places and discovering new things. There’s always something new to learn every day, and I love soaking in as much as I possibly can. In my spare time, I enjoy playing board & card games with my friends and spending quality outdoor time with my pup.

I’m thrilled to be here at Encore— not only am I looking forward to working with the amazing people on the Encore team, I’m excited to help others discover Encore Tours and possibly inspire them to travel the world with us!

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