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Musical History Lovers Enchant in Vienna- Choral Festival



Viennese Architecture

Viennese Architecture

When I traveled abroad for the first time with the Vandaleers, my University’s Chamber Choir, in 2010, I hadn’t fully anticipated the sheer impact this experience would have on my life. Vienna is a beautiful city itself but it was the musical history nestled within that opened an exciting portal from past to present.

Vienna is the place where many of those long gone composers thrived. It is a beautiful part of Austria full of history and culture. You can literally spend your trip where Ludwig van Beethoven completed the nearly unattainable 9 symphonies. One can see why he was so inclined to write those endearing love letters to his Immortal Beloved surrounded by such beautiful Austrian scenery/ architecture.

Joseph Haydn, born in lower Austria, made his musical living throughout Austria. He was a choir boy in his youth and lived in the Kapellhaus. Later, he would compose under commission by the Esterházy rule. This Hungarian noble family ruled the financial world and was loyal to the Hapsburg monarchy. Esterházy princes implemented much artistic and musical growth throughout Austria.

While visiting Vienna, one can take a walking tour of the lush Schönbrunn Palace. One can imagine the beautiful Hapsburg Empress, Maria Theresia, dancing in one of the many ballrooms or listening to a string orchestra perform one of Haydn’s symphonies in the beautiful Haydn Hall, just about 40 kilometers away at Schloss Esterházy in Eisenstadt.

St. Stephens Cathedral, or Stephansdom, is home to the second largest bell in all of Austria. This beautiful building was consecrated in 1147. Austrian composers and those from other parts of the world have been performing a variety of music here for centuries.

Known for his musical painting of nature and dynamic contrast, Franz Schubert also lived in Vienna. Like most of the composers, he was brilliant and struggled with his musical career up until his death at the young age of 31. Today, one can walk the halls of Schubert’s birthplace as well as venture to Sterbewohnung, which is where he died.

Encore Tours is offering an exciting opportunity for choral lovers in July 2014. Sing Mit is a three-day choral festival where choirs from all over the globe have an opportunity to sing two major choral works in Stephansdom.

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