With its rich history as home to some of the world's greatest classical composers, Austria is the perfect destination for any traveling ensemble. Surrounded by many countries, one can easily create a custom itinerary featuring cities in Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia or Croatia!


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From Vienna and the sprawling Schönbrunn Palace to Mozart's birthplace of Salzburg, Austria is resplendent with the sound of music. With big city culture and quaint Alpine villages, this is a small country offering dramatic contrasts and spectacular scenery.

  • Salzburg


    Salzburg is one of the most picturesque of all European cities. During the Holy Empire, it was called the northern Rome, due to the importance of the Prince Archbishops and the Baroque. The city's reputation is based on a living musical tradition being the city of Mozart. Its beauty and vibrant musical life have made it one of Europe's foremost cultural cities.



    Vienna is the historical center of the musical world and a must-visit for any young musician! Also, being a UNESCO heritage city, Vienna's historic center is rich in architectural wonders from the great Stephansdom and Baroque castles to the 19th century Ringstrasse lined with grand buildings, monuments and parks.

  • Innsbruck


    This capital of Tyrol is the perfect winter getaway for travelers. Located on the Alps with breathtaking views, this city has many sightseeing activities to offer. Visitors may wish to see the Hofkirche and see the tomb built for Emperor Maximillian, as well as St. Anne's Column and the Triumphal Arch. Then, top off the evening with a traditional Tirolerabend folklore show!

A stunning palace where Joseph Haydn once served as Kapellmeister or the home of the Vienna Boy's Choir are just two of the magnificent venues available in Austria. There are also plentiful concert halls, churches, town squares, open-air pavilions and gardens that offer great opportunities for visiting groups to perform.

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