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Our Service Guarantee

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Over 90% of Encore Group Leaders rate their overall experience good to excellent. We’re so confident you’ll agree that we’re going to guarantee it!

The Encore Service Guarantee is our written pledge that your entire trip experience–from your first contact with us all the way through to your post-trip review–will be first-rate. If upon your return, you feel that your overall experience does not deserve a good or excellent rating, we will invite you to be our guest at our next Prelude Conference and provide a $1,000 scholarship to be used as you see fit on your next Encore tour. No questions asked and no strings attached!

Audiences for Every Performance

You’ll always have an audience – and everything you need to give them a great show! We custom select venues for each ensemble based on its size, repertoire and interests. We’re devoted to the details – like booking rehearsal space, arranging for risers and music stands, and coordinating transportation of instruments or performance attire.

The Price is Always the Price

When our proposals say, “This price is guaranteed,” we mean what we say. We won’t raise our prices based on currency fluctuations in the marketplace.*

Guaranteed Single Rooms for Group Leaders

Relax in the comfort and privacy of your own room when you lead a group with Encore. You may, of course, choose to share a room with a companion.  Traveling with multiple coachloads? We’ll give you one single room gratis per coach.**

3- and 4-star Hotels in Convenient Locations

With Encore, you’ll travel in style.  We promise you’ll stay in comfortable hotels near points of interest.***

A Dedicated Team of Performance Tour Consultants and Program Managers

You’ll work with expert performance tour consultants and program managers from the moment you begin planning an Encore tour to your final last minute questions.  At Encore, you can feel assured that what you’re promised will be delivered.

Service of Top-Trained Tour Managers

Encore Tour Managers are travel gurus with a passion for the arts.  They thrive on sharing their knowledge of different cultures and giving you and your participants the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of those who live and work there.  They speak the language, know the sights to see and best ways to get there—they are your partners in education.

Traveling with more than one coachload?  Rest assured, each coach will have its own dedicated Tour Manager throughout the tour.

Confirmed Flight Information at least 90 Days Prior to Departure

With information early, you’ll be able to plan well in advance for getting your group together at your departure airport.****

Air-Conditioned Touring Coaches

Encore only uses modern, well-maintained touring buses with fully-functioning air conditioning systems—our participants deserve comfort.

4-Berth Couchettes for Overnight Train Trips

Your group will sleep in 4-berth couchettes, as opposed to more crowded 6-berth couchettes, whenever such space is available.

Our Renowned “RED CARD” System Enabling You to Activate 24/7 Worldwide Network to Solve Any Problem

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that if something on tour does fall short of expectations, you can simply hand the Red Card you received in your pre-departure materials to your tour manager and they, along with the ACIS/Encore network of overseas local offices and our 24/7 worldwide duty officer system, will jump into action and resolve the problem immediately.

*Please note that prices are guaranteed based on travel dates as listed within a proposal. If a group changes travel dates or itinerary details, pricing will fluctuate. If airport taxes and/or fuel surcharges are increased by the airline, we do reserve the right to pass this increase on to participants.

**This single room offer for group leaders is not transferable and does not apply to overnight trains, ferries or cruises.

***When requested by clients for budgetary reasons, Encore can offer hotels on the outskirts of cities or superior two star hotels.

****If circumstances beyond our control prevent us from meeting this 90-day mark, we will remain in close contact with you until your flights are finalized.  Last minute flight changes enacted by airlines do of course sometimes occur and we will contact you immediately should such a change affect your group. 

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