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May 13, 2024     Encore Tours

Taking Your Ensemble to Scandinavia

A performance tour through Scandinavia is a journey into a realm where ancient folklore seamlessly merges with modern innovation, where every corner of the landscape serves as a canvas for harmoni…

May 1, 2024     Encore Tours

2024 Spring Travel Recap

As we look back on this travel season, we do so with mixed emotions. The recent passing of James Smith, a key member of the Encore family, has deeply affected us all.

April 15, 2024     Encore Tours

Taking Your Ensemble to Mexico

Setting off on an international performance tour can have a profound impact on the members of your ensemble, and Mexico serves as a stellar choice for such an adventure.

March 26, 2024     Rachel Fensterer

Taking Your Ensemble to Ireland

Embark on a journey to Ireland, where heritage, tradition, and culture brush together to create a rich musical history. Music has been a language in Ireland for thousands of years.

March 22, 2024     Encore Tours

15 Cheesy Jokes About Music

Ready for some truly corny music jokes? Sometimes, it’s those eye-roll-inducing puns that get us laughing the hardest—or groaning the loudest.