March 26, 2024     Rachel Fensterer

Taking Your Ensemble to Ireland

Embark on a journey to Ireland, where heritage, tradition, and culture brush together to create a rich musical history. Music has been a language in Ireland for thousands of years.

December 15, 2022     Encore Tours

Taking Your Ensemble to Austria

From its rich history as home to some of the world’s greatest classical composers, to its stunning natural beauty and vibrant cultural scene, Austria is an ideal destination for any travelin…

September 28, 2022     Encore Tours

Taking Your Ensemble to Poland

When planning a performance tour, Poland is not usually at the top of most people’s lists of must-see locations, but trust us when we suggest that you strongly consider Poland before plan…

September 26, 2022     Encore Tours

Taking Your Ensemble to Japan

If you want to take your ensemble abroad, Japan has a plethora of performance options in addition to incredible cuisine, stunning landscapes, and some of the most important historical sites in the…