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March 26, 2024     Rachel Fensterer

Taking Your Ensemble to Ireland


Embark on a journey to Ireland, where heritage, tradition, and culture brush together to create a rich musical history. Music has been a language in Ireland for thousands of years. Early inhabitants used basic horns and pipes as signalers for danger or to summon people together, and as time went on these instruments became more complex and durable. With the arrival of the Celts came Irish music as we know it today. The most significant instrument introduced was the harp which remained the dominant sound in Ireland until about the 17th century.

Music continued to evolve in Ireland and more instruments were introduced such as the fiddle, bagpipes, and bodhrán. Music and storytelling quickly became the main form of entertainment in Ireland during previous centuries. People came together to crowd their village pubs on cold, dark nights where they would dance and listen to local musicians. This tradition continues today in the form of what is called a “trad sesh” where Irish music is played on native instruments in a local pub. When visiting the Emerald Isle, attending a local trad sesh is a must.

Not only can you sink your teeth into this rich musical history of Ireland on your performance tour, but you can also bring your music to top tier local venues.

Dive into the heart of Ireland’s vibrant musical scene with a selection of dynamic performance spaces. From grand historic halls that echo with centuries of music to intimate settings where tradition meets the present, we spotlight venues that offer a unique backdrop for every ensemble.

Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin

Located in the heart of Dublin, Christ Church Cathedral has stood as a  place of worship for almost 1,000 years. Manuscripts date the church in its current location to about 1030! This beautiful Cathedral full of rich history is a popular lunchtime performance venue for ensembles visiting Dublin.

St. Mary’s Cathedral Killarney

When in Killarney, St. Mary’s Cathedral is a wonderful venue for an ensemble performance. The cathedral’s construction began in 1842 but was halted multiple times during the great famine due to a lack of available resources. By 1855, the cathedral officially opened for worship, having been designed by Augustus Welby Pugin, a renowned English architect and designer.  In 1973, the cathedral was controversially renovated, as many of the original features of the building were removed or damaged.

Kylemore Abbey

A sincerely serene venue, Kylemore Abbey is an hour from Galway and one of Ireland’s best tourist attractions. The castle was built by wealthy businessman Mitchell Henry MP who was inspired by his love for his wife and his country. He channeled this passion into constructing this dazzling estate. Today, Kylemore Abbey is owned by the religious order of the Benedictine community and is open for your Irish performance tour needs!

Discover the heart and soul of Irish music through its many festival options. With a festival for every kind of ensemble, delve into the possibilities awaiting your group.

Limerick International Band Championship and Parade

Every year on St Patrick’s Day weekend, bands from all over the world come together to march the streets of Limerick. The event attracts tens of thousands of attendees that swarm the streets, and millions more watch online. What better way to celebrate music in Ireland?

Cork City St. Patrick’s Day Festival Parade

A weekend long festival in the town of Cork, “City of Welcomes” that hosts traditional music and dance alongside guests from around the world. Raise your instruments in celebration during the parade and explore other festival events as you delve into a truly Irish St. Patty’s party.

Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Last but not least, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the gleaming city of Dublin. This parade is a true “bucket-list worthy adventure” in the heart of Ireland. Over 4,000 parade participants from across the globe come together in merry colors and joyous sound to the delight of half a million spectators. No St Patty’s Day parade could quite top it.

So, what are you waiting for? This musically rich country awaits you and your ensemble! Beyond spectacular musical experiences, Encore Tours will take you on other cultural immersion expeditions. Traverse the great Cliffs of Moher, explore the fabled Blarney Castle, gaze at the beauty of Dublin on a guided sightseeing tour. There is no denying Ireland of its wonderful culture and beautiful sights.

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