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March 28, 2016     Jon Linker

Taking Your Ensemble to Spain


Medieval towns, beautiful palaces, sun, great beaches, friendly people, amazing food, and enormous artistic heritage are just a few of the reasons to take your ensemble to Spain. And when it’s time to perform, you’ll find enthusiastic audiences and a variety of fantastic venues, making this a musically rewarding destination as well.

When Should Your Band Travel?

Concerts & Music Festivals Take Place in Spain All Year

The weather in Spain welcomes visitors year round. Winters are very mild, and temperatures the rest of the year allow locals to enjoy afternoon “paseos” (strolls) in the Old Quarters of the medieval cities.

Many communities have cultural activities centered around City Hall, either in an indoor theater or at beautiful outdoor plazas where audiences are always outstanding.

If a band is traveling during the school year, there will be many opportunities for joint concerts with local bands and orchestras, as well as master classes with local musicians and directors.

Where Do Bands Play?

Spain’s Classic Theaters, Modern Auditoriums, Conservatory Auditoriums and Churches

There are classical European-style theaters located in each of the main cities in Spain, most of which are about 100 years old. In addition, many cities also have modern auditoriums, built during the past 20 years, where large ensembles of more than 100 musicians can fit easily on stage.

Some medieval cities have converted old Romanesque and Renaissance churches into performance venues, keeping the magic of their acoustic conditions. Another excellent opportunity is to perform in a local conservatory, where ensembles can enjoy joint concerts with local bands and master classes.

Spanish Plazas, Patios, Courtyards and Cloisters

These offer excellent performance opportunities for bands from April until October. Although most of the festivals occur between May and September, the weather conditions allow for outdoor concerts starting from the end of March, especially along the Mediterranean coast.

Examples of outdoor venues in Spain

Summer Music Festivals in Spain

There are numerous summer music festivals throughout the country that are open to guest bands and orchestras. These include some of the oldest music festivals in Europe such as the Certamen Internacional de Bandas de Valencia, the Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada, and the Festival of Segovia.

Where to Go?

Madrid & Central Spain

Madrid is the largest city in Spain and has an excellent cultural life all year round. Near Madrid are the beautiful medieval cities of Segovia, Avila or Salamanca, all of them Human Heritage cities by Unesco. Driving south of Madrid are other UNESCO cities such as Toledo or Cuenca.


Barcelona & Valencia

Using Barcelona as gateway and combining Barcelona and Valencia is a great idea if you are interested in enjoying the Mediterranean, paella, Tortilla Española, seafood, Calçots, and music. Valencia is located less than four hours south of Barcelona and has the largest tradition in wind music in Spain. Many communities in the region have two competing band societies with various age-level ensembles and their own performance halls. Barcelona with the Mediterranean, Modernism, Gothic Quarter and the architecture of Antoni Gaudí is one of the nicest cities in Europe.

Malaga & Granada (Andalucia)

Malaga, along the Mediterranean Costa del Sol, is an international gateway to the southern region of Spain called Andalucia. The city of Granada is about an hour away and offers the amazing Alhambra Palace and Gardens.

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