February 8, 2018     Jon Linker

Terme Tettuccio: Picturesque Venue for Orchestra Tours in Montecatini, Italy


With wonderful basilicas seemingly around every corner along with historic theaters and beautiful outdoor piazzas, Italy offers an abundance of venues for the visiting ensemble.

One of the delights of coordinating performance tours, however, is introducing directors to hidden gems that provide a magical and memorable performance experience.

One such venue in Italy is Terme Tettuccio in the Tuscan spa town of Montecatini.

Located about halfway between Florence and Lucca, Montecatini is known for its thermal baths and spas and the healing power of their waters. Groups can stay in town but it’s also an easy drive for ensembles staying in Florence.

Terme Tettucio is a famous spa where instead of baths or massages, guests come to drink the waters from four springs, each with a different chemical composition. Tettuccio refers to the small roof found over the spa’s source.

Besides the waters, Montecatini also boasts a rich cultural life and hosts an annual opera festival which uses the Terme Tettuccio as one of its venues.

Ensembles here perform in the open air surrounded by classic statues, marble columns and the lavish Art Nouveau architecture of the facility.

There is ample, flat “stage” space to accommodate ensembles of up to 100 and chairs are brought in for the audience which is always large and enthusiastic. Encore Tours has had numerous groups give concerts at Terme Tettuccio, most recently the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra last summer, which had a lively audience of more than 400 people.

The atmosphere for a concert on a beautiful Tuscan evening is hard to describe properly.  Montecatini itself is a picturesque resort town and the park-like setting of the spa and elegant architecture is absolutely stunning.

“This venue is simply amazing in every way. The atmosphere, the acoustics, the location, the surroundings, great audiences, great light. Superb!”

– Laura Kay Swanson, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra

A concert at Terme Tettuccio, combined with an appreciative audience and a spectacular Tuscan sunset is an experience that everyone involved will never forget.

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  1. I will be in Montrcatini Terme from 26th May intil the 09th June. What concerts are there in Terme Tettucio during these dates and how do I buy tickets.

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