February 9, 2016     Tori Cook

The Best “Be Like Bill” Memes for Music Teachers


You’ve all met Bill. The poster child for…well, pretty much everything. Bill is good at so many things like working out, posting cool things on Facebook, and generally just being smart. Turns out Bill is also an excellent musician!

This is Bill. Bill practiced his music today. Be like Bill.

This is Bill. Bill brought a pencil to rehearsal today. Be like Bill.

This is Bill. Bill shows up to rehearsals on time. Be like Bill.

This is Bill. Bill wears appropriate concert attire. Be like Bill.

This is Bill. Bill likes to learn his music at home. Be like Bill.

This is Bill. Bill pays attention to dynamics. Be like Bill.

This is Bill. Bill doesn't talk during rehearsal. Be like Bill.

This is Bill. Bill doesn't chew gum in choir. Be like Bill.

This is Bill. Bill watches the director for cues. Be like Bill.

This is Bill. Bill listens to other parts and not himself. Be like Bill.

I think we could all be a little more like Bill!

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