October 19, 2021     Encore Tours

The Importance of High-Quality, Centrally Located Hotels on Your Next Performance Tour


Traveling on a performance trip is a moving experience, and our goal is to ensure that all travelers have a life-changing experience. We also know that time is money, and comfort is essential. That’s why, when you’re touring with Encore, you will always stay in well-located, three- or four-star hotels—right in the heart of the destination you came to see.

Hotel locations can make or break any trip. Your entire day is influenced by where you’re staying, and the magic of travel is lost when you spend all day driving back and forth. Other companies will book hotels near the airport as opposed to putting you right into the middle of a fantastic city like London, Paris, or Rome. We believe that is unacceptable. People want action and adventure when they’re traveling, and commuting for hours is something you try to escape from when you travel! It’s just not fun.

Groups traveling with Encore can get anywhere they need to go without losing time commuting. You shouldn’t have to wait to eventually get into the city to see the sights — you should be able to walk right out of the hotel lobby and be fully immersed in the local culture. That’s why we believe participants can get the most out of their time abroad with Encore’s centrally located hotels.

According to a study of more than 200,000 hotel guests from eight countries conducted by researchers at JD Power and Associates, location and price were listed as the top reasons for choosing a hotel. That’s why we work with our overseas team to make sure that you always have the best price on a high-quality hotel that’s easily accessible to all of your destinations most desirable highlights.

Planning a performance tour of Germany? In Berlin, we’ll find you an ideally located hotel with connections to all means of public transportation. In Dresden, we make sure you have easy access to all the major sights, such as the Frauenkirche, Royal Palace, Cathedral, Semper Opera House, and Zwinger Palace. In Leipzig, we have several excellent options near the famous Gewandhaus concert hall and Opera house, where you can easily follow the footsteps of Bach and Mendelssohn to discover the cultural and artistic heritage of the city. Not only will all of these hotels be either three-star or four-star, but you’ll also have our knowledgeable Tour Managers available to enhance your experience as they bring their unique passion and perspective to your destination.

Travel allows you to experience different cultures, learn about local traditions, and discover new worlds. Traveling gets us out of our comfort zone and helps us gain a greater understanding of ourselves. It’s a rare and special opportunity, and by guaranteeing your location in the heart of the city, we can help ensure that every traveler enjoys their experience to the fullest.

Want to learn more about the hotels available on your next performance tour? Just email accounts@encoretours.com or visit our website for additional information!

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