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What is the Role of an Encore Tour Manager?


You’ve just received your first quote for an international performance trip from Encore Tours. You notice in the inclusions a line item: “Encore Tour Manager”. And you wonder… what is a tour manager anyway?


What is an Encore Tour Manager?

An Encore Tour Manager is a highly-qualified Encore representative who is with you on your performance trip from start to finish. Most Encore Tour Managers are energetic multilingual Europeans or nationals. Over the years, we’ve employed university professors, film directors, journalists, musicians, business professionals, and other creative achievers. Each of them is well-traveled and well-versed on every aspect of your itinerary.

The tour manager is responsible for educational road commentary and for all operational needs and requirements, such as airport transfers, hotel check-ins, briefings, ferry tickets, venue and flight confirmations. They’ll make sure everything from your performances to your rehearsal and meal times to your sightseeing excursions go exactly as planned.

 Most Encore Tour Managers are energetic multilingual Europeans or nationals. Each of them is well-traveled and well-versed on every aspect of your itinerary. 

Plus, each brings a unique perspective to his or her tour; all share a love of teaching and an irresistible enthusiasm about the regions they’ll show you. Highly-trained, multi-lingual guides and educators, tour managers are your participants’ entry point into foreign life and customs. They serve as an accessible, authoritative source of information, helping participants form a basis for exploration and they’ll be sure to make you laugh too!

Your Encore Tour Manager may be the best director’s assistant you’ll ever have. They will help you set up your rehearsal and performance space and can even fix on-the-spot performance disasters as they happen. Did someone leave their sheet music at home? The Tour Manager will find a place to make a last-minute copy. Did the keyboard pedal or bow break? They’ll help you find a replacement. They are there to make sure you have time to focus on the most important aspect of your tour: the performances.



In principle, your tour manager is accessible around the clock, especially in an emergency situation.

  • Your tour manager will give you and the other assistants his or her hotel room number and cell phone number.
  • During periods of free time, including evenings, tour managers are available to conduct local walking tours or arrange other optional activities at the group’s request.
  • Please note that although your tour manager is always available, he or she carries administrative duties, including preparations for the next day’s activities, and would appreciate a bit of time during the day to get these done.


Encore Tour Managers are specifically instructed not to get involved in disciplinary matters. Discipline is strictly between you and your participants. If a tour manager observes behavior that threatens anyone’s safety and well-being, he or she will report it at once and take any necessary emergency action. Similarly, as an Encore Tours representative, your tour manager will respond to any concern that the hotel expresses about the group’s behavior.


The Encore Tour Manager Fit

One of the keys to success on the trip will be developing a good relationship with your Encore Tour Manager, and we have no doubt that you will love your assigned Encore Tour Manager. In fact, in a survey, our Tour Managers were rated 100% excellent by our traveling Group Leaders! Now, that’s impressive.

We are proud of our team of tour managers, who have distinguished themselves as the most dedicated, caring escorts in the music and performance travel industry. Nonetheless, they are individuals, and, in very rare cases, a chemistry mismatch with the group might occur. That’s why we have our Tour Manager Red Card System. If, at any point in the tour, you decide that our tour manager is not the right fit for your group, you may present the red card to your tour manager, and they will coordinate a replacement tour manager for you with our overseas offices.

Read more about our “Red Card System” in our Service Guarantee! And don’t forget to check our eBook for helpful tips and ideas on fundraising!

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