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July 12, 2023     Encore Tours

Why Choose Encore? Our Unparalleled Customization Options


When it comes to music travel, Encore Tours takes center stage as a leader and trailblazer in the world of personalization and customization. While other companies make bold claims about their ability to customize your itinerary, we deliver on our promises, setting the standard for fully customized performance tours. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond, and our unwavering commitment to customization ensures that every aspect of your tour reflects your ensemble’s unique goals, interests, and performance strengths.

Regardless of your destination, our team will walk you though our catalogue of dynamic venues to find the options that best showcase your ensemble’s brilliance. Our extensive overseas network grants us access to prestigious concert halls with impeccable acoustics, captivating cathedrals steeped in history and ambiance, vibrant festivals pulsating with energy, and breathtaking outdoor locations. Each venue is thoughtfully selected to help create the ideal stage for your ensemble to shine.

Not only do we guarantee audiences for all your performances, but we also take care of every intricate detail, allowing you to truly live in the moment, focus on the music, and savor your trip. We recognize that true musical immersion goes beyond performing for an audience, which is why we go the extra mile to incorporate unique experiences into your tour that transcend the traditional concert setting. These thoughtfully designed moments enable your ensemble to authentically delve into the essence of your destination. From impromptu concerts in breathtaking locations to interactive workshops and educational exchanges, we strive to forge profound connections between your music and the places you visit.

In addition to our commitment to customized musical experiences, Encore offers a wealth of unique cultural encounters that add depth and richness to your trip. Walk in Mozart’s footsteps in Salzburg, then head west to take part in a Viennese Waltz workshop. Explore the artistic treasures of Florence, feel the palpable history as you wander through the ancient Roman Colosseum, indulge in a gourmet cooking class in Paris, or walk in the footsteps of Shakespearean heroes at Stratford-upon-Avon. These curated experiences foster a deeper understanding of diverse traditions, enrich your musical performances, and create lasting memories.

Every moment of your tour will be carefully customized to meet your ensemble’s preferences and needs. We book centrally-located accommodations that reflect your group’s comfort level, from charming boutique hotels to spacious properties that can accommodate larger ensembles. We also ensure that your gastronomic adventures are as memorable as your performances. From savoring local delicacies to indulging in international flavors, we curate authentic culinary experiences that further enrich your trip.

A skilled tour manager can make all the difference in creating a smooth and enriching experience, and we place great emphasis on finding the perfect tour manager who possesses extensive knowledge of the destinations you’ll explore and resonates with the personality and needs of your group. Our tour managers serve as your trusted guides, providing expert navigation through logistics, offering valuable insights, and creating a supportive environment that enhances your ensemble’s journey.

Our dedication to personalization and customization sets us apart as the premier provider of performance tours. With curated venues that showcase your ensemble’s brilliance, tailored cultural highlights that deepen your connections, personalized accommodations and culinary adventures, and the guidance of an expert tour manager, we leave no detail unattended.

Let us be your trusted companion as you set sail on an extraordinary musical adventure. Our Tour Consultants are masters in the art of customizing the perfect music tour experience. They are your dedicated partner, ensuring that your goals and preferences are seamlessly matched with the best opportunities we have to offer.

From balancing sightseeing with performances and rehearsal time to selecting the most inspiring venues, our Tour Consultants possess insider knowledge and unwavering commitment to your needs. They understand the intricacies of arranging a superior performance tour experience, and will help explain pricing options, provide fundraising suggestions, and help customize activities that hold significance for your group.

Guiding you through the process of designing your next performance tour is their expertise. They can help you handpick the perfect destinations and venues, curate cultural experiences that align with your ensemble’s goals, and create a journey that surpasses your expectations.

Start planning your next performance tour today! Speak with one of our experienced Tour Consultants and begin exploring the endless possibilities that await your ensemble. Together, we’ll craft a personalized tour that embraces the power of music, culture, and exploration.

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