February 16, 2018     Kate Huffman

Why Music Directors Choose Encore – Don’t just take our word for it!


Because Encore Tours is made up of a team of musicians, music educators, and music lovers, we know that the most valuable recommendations & pieces of advice often come from trusted colleagues. It’s important to hear from fellow music directors and music teachers who have traveled before about why touring is beneficial for their program and why they choose Encore to organize their band, choir, and orchestra trips!

So, here are some quotes from music directors like you about the value of performance travel and why they trust Encore to take their music programs to new places!

Why tour with your ensemble?

Nathan Cohen taking a selfie with a student at the Cliffs of Dover on a foggy day

 Touring is important to my ensemble for two reasons. One is musical, the first trip we took was to Ireland and I was excited, but the piece that I had not anticipated was how it was going to raise the bar for our whole program and for our students’ musicality. But I think the really critical reason is that it raises the bar for student’s world-view, for their sense of sameness between peoples – that our differences are small and our similarities are great. 
— Nathan Cohen, Director of Orchestras and Chamber Music, Rockport Public Schools, Rockport, MA | Second international tour with Encore

Professional portrait of Drake York wearing a tuxedo and a blue neck tie, standing in front of foliage

 Touring for my choir is really important because it helps with recruiting. [Touring] is not only a great opportunity to get to know [your musicians], but to have them experience music in amazing locations. 

— Drake York, Director of Choral and Vocal Music, Millikan High School, Long Beach, CA | First international tour with Encore

Lauren Haley and friend taking a selfie in front of the Salzach River, with the skyline of Salzburg, Austria visible in the background

 If you’re a director who has never taken a tour and are thinking about it, you should absolutely do it! Don’t worry about the fear of the unknown or going through the process for the first time, it’s an absolutely worthwhile experience. Your students will love it, your program will grow, and Encore is there to support you every step of the way. 

— Lauren Haley, Band Director, Lebanon High School, Lebanon, NH | First international tour with Encore

Why Encore?

Sean Boulware and the California Coast Chorale standing on stage wearing formal attire, facing the audience and preparing to perform

 The difference [that Encore] brings is the relationship between the Encore staff members and you. That combination plans tours that are unforgettable. They work with your singers, they work with you, to create a touring experience that you will never forget. You must understand that Encore goes over the top to provide the best venues, the best audiences. They go over the top to make sure that you feel great about your tour, [that you are] successful artistically and successful in the planning stages, so by the time you come home and have finished your tour,  you understand that Encore is something really, really special. You’re not going to want to wait to do it again! 

— Sean Boulware, Director of Choral Activities, California Coast Chorale, Monterey, CA | Third international tour with Encore

Paige Long and the Metropolitan Flute Orchestra standing in front of an ornate fireplace, wearing formal attire, and holding their flutes, which are as tall as them (or even taller than!).

On Prelude: “ You benefit on so many different levels. Our tour participants really benefit the most from [Prelude]. I get ideas about concerts, repertoire, and venues. I meet colleagues, I network, and I’m able to put together a much better plan for touring by having this information. Prelude has just been invaluable. 

— Paige Long, Director, Metropolitan Flute Orchestra, Boston, MA | Sixth international tour with Encore

Michael Neumann wearing a tuxedo and speaking into a microphone on stage in a concert hall, with the Sacramento Youth Symphony seated behind him

 I have traveled with more than one company and by far, Encore is the most professional, well-run, and detail-oriented company that we’ve enjoyed working with. 

— Michael Neumann, Artistic Director, Sacramento Youth Symphony, Sacramento, CA | Fourth international tour with Encore

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