Central Conservatory Hall of Beijing

Beijing, China

A few minutes' drive from Tiananmen Square, this concert hall is most well-known as the residence of Prince Chun and the birthplace of Emperor Kuang-hsu of the Qing Dynasty. Many famous Chinese musicians began their journey in this very hall and Encore is thrilled to offer such a prestigious location to our incredibly talented ensembles. This is an excellent venue suitable for choirs and symphony orchestras.

Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Shanghai, China

Founded in 1927, this award-winning conservatory, often named 'cradle of musicians', was the first music institution of higher education in China. This school places theory, creation, teaching and performing of western music combined with traditional Chinese music as its top priority with emphasis on preparing students for a professional music career. This is the perfect place for a local exchange or perhaps a workshop on traditional Chinese styles of music.

Shanghai Oriental Art Center

Shanghai, China

This venue offers not one, but three concert halls (Concert Hall, Opera Hall and Performance Hall ) ranging in capacity from 300 to nearly 2,000 seats. The building opened in 2005 and since has hosted professional and amateur ensembles from around the globe. The venue is probably most famous for its architectural design in which its halls are connected to resemble a butterfly orchid from the view above!

Yi Fu Theater

Shanghai, China

Once known as Tian Chan Theater, Yi Fu Theater has the longest history and largest scale of any Chinese Opera theater in Shanghai. It was once known as Tian Chan Theater. Since its establishment in 1925, it has featured Peking Opera performances and has been favored by many famous Chinese opera artists. Early on, it became the 'Largest Theater in the Far East'. Around 1990 the theater was rebuilt and renamed Yi Fu Theater. In 1994, the new theater opened to the public with an elegant appearance and advanced facilities. Now Yi Fu Theater offers nearly 1,000 seats on two floors.

Xi'an Conservatory of Music

Xi'an, China

One of the most interesting architectural designs in China, the Xi'an Concert Hall is expertly designed to diffuse the appropriate amount of sound to each seat. With seating for 1,250 concertgoers, this venue is perfect for symphony orchestra and chamber music concerts. The hall has featured impressive ensembles such as the China Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the London Mozart Symphony Orchestra. This performance venue is sure to excite your auditory and visual senses.

Ho Chi Minh City Municipal Theatre

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Also known as the Saigon Opera House, the Municipal Theatre of Ho Chi Minh City is an impressive venue in Vietnam. Its French colonial architecture mimics, in part, both the Opera Garnier and the Petit Palais in Paris. The venue holds 800 in the audience and can fit large choirs and orchestras with both the use of its main stage and open orchestra pit.