Christ Church Cathedral

Dublin, Ireland

Situated in medieval Dublin, Christ Church is not only the seat of the Roman Catholic archbishops but is also the seat of the Church of Ireland. Founded around 1028 the cathedral was rebuilt and renovated many times throughout history and is now accented by flying buttresses, high arching stone ceilings, and, most notably, the Grand Organ which appears to be floating in the air! The Cathedral is home to one of the most reputable choirs in Ireland whose origins trace back to 1493 when the choir school was founded.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Dublin, Ireland

Originally built in honor of Ireland's patron saint, St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin was completed in the late 1100's and is the largest church in Ireland. The majestic Cathedral stands adjacent to the famous well where, according to legend, Saint Patrick baptized converts on his visit to Dublin. Beautiful stained-glass windows, impressive architecture, and an enormous organ with over 4,000 pipes make this Cathedral one-of-a-kind! Today it is the location for a variety of public national ceremonies.

Galway Cathedral

Galway, Ireland

The Roman Catholic Galway Cathedral, with its construction having begun in 1958, is one of Europe's youngest Cathedrals. The juxtaposition of Renaissance and traditional Christian art give this church an appealing, unique look. The building is the most outstanding in the entire city. A pipe organ was included in the original instruction and has since then been updated and expanded by Trevor Crowe, an organ builder from Ireland. The cathedral has a choir that was founded when the church was erected and during the summer they have a concert series.

Saint Mary's Church

Killarney, Ireland

There is evidence of a church at the site St. Mary's Church in Killarney as far back as the 1200s. The name of the town itself–Killarney (in Irish: Cill Airne)–means "Church of the Sloes." Today, St. Mary's is known for its wonderful acoustics and the beauty of its building. The church regularly hosts concerts of local artists as well as visiting choirs and orchestras from around the world.

Saint Multose Church

Kinsale, Ireland

One of Corks most Prominent buildings is the medieval church called the St. Multose's Church. The 12th century structure that the Norman built is one of the oldest churches of the Church of Ireland and has been in constant use since its founding. The church is home to some interesting things such as a wooden coat of arms, carved memorials, and the Easter sepulcher.

Kylemore Abbey

Westport, Ireland

Famed for being Ireland's most romantic Castle, Kylemore Abbey is the perfect setting for choirs. The adjoining Gothic Church, constructed in 1874, is home of many musical performances, poetry readings and cross-community celebrations throughout the year. The church was built in the style of a miniature cathedral as a memorial to the owners beloved late wife, Mary.