Chinchero Chapel

Cuzco, Peru

Built around 1607 this church sits looking out at the ruins of the old Incan town. Located about 19 miles from Cuzco, this church is nestled in the Urubamba province in the town of Chinchero. This city was a very important town to the Incans. The Limestone structure of an Incan palace was filled with dirt and used as the churches foundation. Its palace foundation wasn't discovered until the 1960s.

Gran Teatro Nacional

Lima, Peru

The initial project was raised in March 2010 to address the need for a high-tech stage that is capable of hosting major productions in Peru. The architect Alonso de la Piedra was responsible for directing the project for the construction of general infrastructure and the architect José Nepomuceno was in charge of the acoustic and mechanical structures.

l'Iglesia Nuestra Senora de Fatima

Lima, Peru

The Iglesia Nuestra Senora de Fatima in Lima was constructed in 1952 and is one of the most active churches in the community. The interior offers its patrons beautiful architecture of golden light and dramatic arches, great acoustics with tiered steps perfect for choirs, and a nice dedicated rehearsal space for ensembles to use. The church also includes a courtyard and garden.

Templo San Juan Bautista de Huaro

Huaro, Peru

Templo San Juan Bautista was built by Jesuits in the sixteenth century in the town of Huaro, strategically located on an Inca road system, called the Andean Baroque Route. This route connects four historic churches from the colonial period. The church was recently restored, showcasing the beautiful murals from the seventeenth century in the interior.

Cusco Cathedral

Cusco, Peru

Situated on a sacred Inca site, this 16th-century cathedral took nearly 100 years to build. Also known as the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin, the church is now a UNESCO World Heritage site containing major archeological relics, artifacts, statues, and hundreds of colonial paintings.

Museo de Arte de Lima

Lima, Peru

Located on the Palacio de la Exposición, the Museo de Arte was built in 1872. It exhibits collections that show the prehistorical art from Peru and the first human discoveries until contemporary art.

Teatro Municipal de Puno

Puno, Peru

First opened in 1915, this beautiful theater has been completely renovated and is a vibrant part of the city of Puno’s cultural activities. It can seat up to 700 audience members and holds many theater, music, and dance performances on a regular basis.