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Being a relatively young island, only 15-18 million years old(!), Iceland’s geological activity is one-of-a-kind. The abundance of volcanoes, geysers and natural hot springs provide enough geothermal energy to heat approximately 85% of Iceland’s population. When traveling to Iceland, one not only experiences the breathtaking landscapes but also the unique culture of Icelanders, known for their strong family ties, their bond with nature, their fascination with music and the art of storytelling.

Featured Sample Itineraries

A visit to Iceland isn’t complete without experiencing the natural environment surrounding you. Our Icelandic itineraries are equipped with the perfect balance of performances in the city and excursions outside!

Enchanting Iceland

8 Days / 2 Hvolsvollur Area / 4 Reykjavík

Northern Lights

9 Days / 3 Reykjavík / 3 Akureyri / 1 Reykjavík

A Reykjavík Stopover

8 Days / 3 ReykjavÍk / 3 London

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While there aren’t many cities in Iceland, there is certainly a lot to do! Find out more about Reykjavík, Akureyri and the fun activities all over the island.


Reykjavík, which loosely translates to “Smoke Cove,” is said to have gotten its name from the hot springs that produce steam in the area. Iceland’s capital city boasts a strong Viking culture and tradition and is located directly on Faxaflói Bay, perfect for cruising. Reykjavík can easily be explored in a day, but the real adventure begins on your day excursions outside of the city!

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North of Reykjavík, Akureyri is the second largest settlement in all of Iceland. Folk culture and area festivals set this city apart from the rest. Just a quick drive away, you can see some of Iceland’s most breathtaking geological structures such as Lake Mývatn, the famous mud pots and Goðafoss waterfall, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the country.

Featured Venues

Iceland’s strong musical culture has allowed the country to offer exquisite venues for performing ensembles. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself!



The Harpa concert hall, which opened in 2011, is now a distinguished European venue with four concert halls and two informal performance areas. Notable spaces include the Eldborg Main Hall (up to 1,800 attendees), Norðurljós Recital Hall (seating for 520), Silfurberg Conference Hall for large performances, and the Kaldalón Auditorium for small ensembles.



The Fríkirkjan í Reykjavík (Free Church in Reykjavik) is a church which is apart from the State Church. It is an independent Lutheran Free Church of Iceland. It lies in the centre of the Icelandic capital, by the lake Tjörnin.



This Lutheran church is located at the top of Reykjavík with a beautiful view overlooking the city. Here, ensembles may participate in the regular services of the church with the house organist. Application is required to perform in this prestigious venue and is open to both vocal and instrumental ensembles.

Hofið (the Temple)


The Hof Cultural and Conference Center is located in the city of Akureyri in Northern Iceland. The center has a wonderful concert hall used for many professional performances in the area. With a well-equipped stage, seating for up to 510 in the audience and excellent sound systems, this venue is perfect for any ensemble type.

Salurinn Concert Hall


Opened in 1999, the Salurinn Concert Hall was the first concert hall in Reykjavík to be built based on a specific acoustical design and has been praised by many performers for its excellent acoustics! The hall has two grand pianos available for rent and can seat up to 300 in the audience. This venue is perfect for choirs and small chamber orchestras and is located just outside of downtown Reykjavík.