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From the mystical Northern Lights to the deep fjords, from ancient Viking lore to modern design, Scandinavia is a region steeped in diversity. The landscapes, the history, and the culture are richly textured, offering endless opportunities for discovery. Savor the local flavors of smørrebrød, enjoy a concert in the Oslo Opera House, and of course, experience the traditional sauna! A trip to Scandinavia is truly an enriching opportunity for anyone seeking adventure and cultural enrichment.

Featured Sample Itineraries

Our expertly crafted itineraries are designed to immerse you in the best of Scandinavia’s natural beauty and historical richness. Experience the tranquil beauty of fjord cruises, explore ancient Viking heritage, and chase the awe-inspiring Northern Lights. Each journey also offers unique opportunities for ensembles to perform in historic settings, such as majestic cathedrals and renowned concert halls, enriching your connection with Scandinavia’s vibrant cultural landscape and picturesque environments.

Scandinavian Adventure

9 Days / 2 Tallinn / 2 Riga / 1 Overnight Ferry / 2 Stockholm

Danish Delights

8 Days / 3 Copenhagen / 3 Aarhus

Northern Harmonies

10 Days / 3 Stockholm / 3 Gothenburg / 2 Oslo

Finland, Estonia, Latvia And Lithuania

11 Days / 2 Helsinki / 2 Tallinn / 1 Tartu / 2 Riga / 2 Vilnius

Classic Baltics Tour

9 Days / 3 Riga / 2 Tallinn / 2 Helsinki

Baltic Harmony

13 days / 3 Vilnius / 2 Riga / 3 Tallinn / 3 Helsinki

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Explore the diverse urban landscapes of Scandinavia, from the historic elegance of Copenhagen, Denmark, to the picturesque settings of Bergen, Norway, and the dynamic vibrancy of Stockholm, Sweden. Each city offers a unique blend of culture, history, and modernity, inviting a rich exploration of Nordic life.


Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, blends historic charm with modern design. Known for sustainability and a robust cycling culture, it features landmarks like The Little Mermaid statue and Tivoli Gardens. Nyhavn’s colorful waterfront and the royal residence Amalienborg highlight its cultural and historical depth. Copenhagen is a world leader in urban living and design.


Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a vibrant city known for its blend of modern design and classical architecture. As a key destination on our Scandinavian tours, Helsinki offers a variety of prestigious performance venues, ideal for any musical ensemble. It also serves as a gateway to the Baltic region, seamlessly including visits to nearby capitals like Tallinn and Riga.


Oslo, Norway’s capital, seamlessly combines historic charm and modern culture. Historical highlights like the medieval Akershus Fortress coexist with the sleek Oslo Opera House. The city’s culinary scene reflects its diversity, offering traditional Norwegian fare alongside global cuisines. Additionally, Oslo’s music venues, from the grand Oslo Concert Hall to intimate jazz clubs, showcase its vibrant cultural life, making it a dynamic destination for any traveler.


Stockholm is a captivating blend of historic grandeur and contemporary culture. The city’s heart, Gamla Stan, offers a labyrinth of medieval streets, leading visitors through centuries of Swedish history. Stockholm is also a hub for Nordic cuisine, with a focus on fresh, local ingredients that shine in both traditional dishes and innovative gastronomy. The music scene is equally vibrant, hosting everything from underground electronic clubs to the celebrated performances of the Royal Swedish Opera. Whether exploring its historic sites, savoring its culinary delights, or enjoying its lively music, Stockholm promises a rich cultural experience.

Featured Venues

Marmorkirken (Frederik’s Church)


Marmorkirken, with its grand Rococo architecture and one of Scandinavia’s largest domes, offers an exceptional environment for choral groups. The church’s vast interior and the dome’s design work together to create a resonant space where your voice can truly flourish, allowing for a rich, immersive sound experience. Groups performing here can expect their music to be elevated by the natural acoustics, providing a memorable performance experience for both singers and listeners alike. Additionally, its historical significance and architectural beauty add an inspiring backdrop to concerts, making performances at Marmorkirken a coveted opportunity for touring ensembles.

Holmen Church


Holmens Kirke, also known as Holmen Church, has been an integral part of the Danish Navy’s history since the 16th century, showcasing a distinctive blend of Renaissance and Baroque styles. Initially serving as an anchor forge, King Christian IV repurposed it into a naval church. The church’s remarkable acoustics and magnificent interior not only highlight its architectural importance but also create an ideal setting for concerts, providing a distinctive listening experience within a historically rich environment.



Located in Copenhagen, this repurposed church has become a cornerstone of the city’s music scene, hosting an eclectic mix of concerts and cultural events that span classical to contemporary genres. Renowned for its excellent acoustics and the seamless integration of historical architecture with modern cultural activities, the venue retains elements of its spiritual heritage while offering a warm and inviting atmosphere for both performers and audiences. It serves as a platform for both established artists and emerging talents, securing its place as a pivotal part of Copenhagen’s cultural landscape and a beloved destination for music lovers.

Grundtvigs Kirke (Grundtvig’s Church)


Grundtvig’s Church stands as an extraordinary testament to expressionist architecture, distinguishing itself as a notable city landmark. Architect Peder Vilhelm Jensen-Klint masterminded its early 20th-century creation in honor of N.F.S. Grundtvig, a revered Danish philosopher and hymn-writer. Unlike typical Gothic cathedrals, this church is predominantly constructed from yellow bricks, giving it a distinctively warm and welcoming presence. Inside, the expansive, open interiors and towering columns foster a sense of peace and reflection. More than a place for worship, Grundtvig’s Church draws visitors globally, celebrated for marrying traditional architectural elements with modern design in a breathtakingly unique way.

Gamle Aker Kirke (Old Aker Church)


Old Aker Church (Gamle Aker Kirke) is Oslo’s oldest existing building and a revered historical landmark. Built around 1150, this medieval stone church stands as a testament to Norway’s rich ecclesiastical heritage. It is renowned for its Romanesque architecture, featuring robust stone walls and historical frescoes that add to its solemn and reverent atmosphere. The church’s intimate setting makes it an ideal venue for small-scale choral performances, particularly those that seek to connect with the profound historical and spiritual ambiance of the space.

Helsinki Cathedral


Located in the center of Helsinki at the Senate Square, this neoclassical-style cathedral is one of the city’s most distinctive landmarks. Built in 1830 as a tribute to the Grand Duke of Finland, Tsar Nicholas I of Russia, the church was formerly known as St. Nicholas’ Church until Finland declared independence from Russia in 1917. It’s a fabulous venue, and a must-see on any Finnish performance tour.

Church of the Rock


The Temppeliaukion Church, also known as the Rock Church or Church of the Rock, is one of Helsinki’s most popular sites. Built directly into the natural granite rock, this church and concert venue has excellent acoustics and is one of the most unique structures in all of Finland.

Topeliussali Event Hall


Built in 1984 by Perko & Rautamäki Ky, Topeliussali boasts a 5,750 sq. ft. space with an 860 sq. ft. stage, perfect for musical performances. With a capacity of 215 attendees, including wheelchair access, it features top-notch sound system, a Steinway grand piano, dressing rooms, and a lobby, making it a prime venue for concerts and musical events.

St. John’s Church


Built in the late 19th century, St. John’s Church is the largest stone church in Finland based on seating capacity (2,600 people). This church is renowned for having excellent acoustics, and is often used for large concerts, events, and services.

Helsinki Conservatory of Music


Situated on the waterfront in the heart of Helsinki, the Helsinki Conservatory of Music, founded in 1922, is a premier venue boasting a 520-seat concert hall with superb acoustics and a versatile chamber music hall. As the home of several orchestras and choirs, this historic conservatory offers an ideal setting for classical performances, blending rich tradition with modern facilities.