Speak To A Reference (STAR)

Do you have any questions about booking your next performance tour? Are you worried about the logistics involved in bringing your group overseas? Would you like to speak with an ensemble director who has already dealt with similar issues? Then why not connect with one of Encore’s many experienced Group Leaders?

We know that taking the first step is always the toughest, so we developed our STAR program to help get your foot off the ground. A recent customer feedback survey showed that more than 95% of past Group Leaders have rated their experience with Encore as either “Good” or “Excellent,” but you don’t have to take our word for it — speak with one of our many satisfied travelers for yourself! These STAR’s are excited to provide honest feedback about their Encore Tours experience, pass along practical advice they’ve learned, and discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

Our diverse nationwide network of group leaders ensures that you will be connected with somebody who is uniquely qualified to address your particular situation. They can answer questions ranging from fundraising and recruitment to planning a well-balanced itinerary. They can address concerns about hotels, venues, and destinations. They can provide first-hand stories about how Encore Tours build ensemble unity, improve musicianship, and forge lifelong memories.

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