July 13, 2015     Tori Cook

34 Reasons Why Your Ensemble Should Travel


We know music is important. And we know travel changes lives. But what can music and travel do together? Here’s 34 things just off the top of our heads…

  1. Build ensemble and director reputation in community
  2. Gain community/administrative support of ensemble
  3. Boost recruitment numbers
  4. Enhance fundraising efforts
  5. Give ensemble a sense of purpose
  6. Improve member retention
  7. Provide extra incentive for members to do well throughout the concert season
  8. Explore exciting musical destinations and immerse yourself in the history, art and culture
  9. Participate in cultural exchanges that help you grow individually and musically
  10. Enhance musical abilities utilizing external cultural influences
  11. Perform in the world’s most fascinating, renowned, and unique venues
  12. Add overseas performances, workshops, masterclasses, etc. to your personal resume
  13. Perform for audiences other than family and friends
  14. Bond as a group; strengthen friendships and build ensemble unity
  15. Builds trust between ensemble members and director
  16. Get outside your musical and personal comfort zone
  17. Expand horizons with limitless performance possibilities
Photos of various ensembles—including bands, choirs, and orchestras—traveling

  1. Exemplifies energetic and dynamic director and ensemble
  2. Boost individual self-confidence and confidence in performing
  3. Learn and experience independence as a person and musician (youth)
  4. Check it off your musical bucket list
  5. Share your music with the world
  6. Experience varying acoustical settings and learn to adapt to new performance spaces
  7. Get the opportunity to work with different directors and different ensembles
  8. Discover different musical styles from across the globe
  9. Create meaningful relationships with fellow musicians
  10. Transform yourself and your music
  11. Develop a unique perspective
  12. Challenge yourself
  13. Allows ensemble to try new things
  14. Donate concert proceeds for local charities
  15. Find the common bond between two cultures using the universal language of music
  16. Become musical ambassadors for your community
  17. Be inspired

With all these incredible benefits, embarking on a performance tour with your musical ensemble is a no-brainer. Contact us to get started on designing your ensemble’s tailor-made custom itinerary, or take a look at our sample itinerary library to get started!

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