May 14, 2024     David Solar

From Haarlem to Paris

Set out on an extraordinary adventure with our “Harmonies from Haarlem to Paris” tour, spanning 11 dazzling days through the picturesque landscapes of the Benelux region and France.

May 14, 2024     David Solar

Parisian Dreams & Dutch Nights

Experience the “Parisian Dreams & Dutch Nights” tour, an 11-day journey through the cultural and historical gems of Paris, Bayeux, Bruges, and Amsterdam.

May 14, 2024     David Solar

Belgian Beats and Treats

Discover the cultural treasures of Brussels, Bruges, and Luxembourg on this 10-day journey. From medieval towns to grand castles, each city offers unique historical and architectural marvels.

May 7, 2024     David Solar


Antwerp, Belgium’s artistic hub, is famed for its historic architecture and vibrant culture.

May 2, 2024     David Solar


Ghent, situated in the Flemish region of Belgium, is a captivating city renowned for its medieval architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and picturesque canals.

May 2, 2024     David Solar


Delft, located in South Holland between Rotterdam and The Hague, is a captivating Dutch city renowned for its historical ties to the House of Orange-Nassau, iconic blue pottery, and association wi…

May 2, 2024     David Solar


Zaandam is known for its rich industrial history and picturesque landscapes. Home to iconic windmills like De Bleeke Dood and De Kat, it offers visitors a glimpse into traditional Dutch life.

May 2, 2024     David Solar


Leeuwarden is a picturesque blend of historical charm and modern vibrancy.

May 2, 2024     David Solar

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City, the charming capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, boasts a stunning blend of ancient fortifications and modern architecture nestled within its picturesque valleys and cliffs.