May 2, 2024     David Solar


From the mystical Northern Lights to the deep fjords, from ancient Viking lore to modern design, Scandinavia is a region steeped in diversity.

May 2, 2024     David Solar


Nestled between two major cities, this picturesque municipality offers a stunning array of natural landscapes, including a captivating archipelago, verdant forests, and serene lakes, making it a f…

April 24, 2024     David Solar

Northern Harmonies

Discover the musical wonders of Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Oslo on this 10-day journey. From historic charm to coastal beauty, each city offers unique cultural experiences.

April 24, 2024     David Solar

Danish Delights

On this 8-day tour, you’ll explore the enchanting cities of Copenhagen and Aarhus, uncovering the rich history and dynamic cultural scenes that make these Danish capitals of charm and creativity…

April 24, 2024     David Solar


Oslo, Norway’s capital, seamlessly combines historic charm and modern culture. Historical highlights like the medieval Akershus Fortress coexist with the sleek Oslo Opera House.

April 24, 2024     David Solar


Stockholm is a captivating blend of historic grandeur and contemporary culture.

October 31, 2023     David Solar


Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a vibrant city known for its blend of modern design and classical architecture.

October 17, 2023     David Solar


From the medieval architecture to the beautiful natural landscapes, the Baltic countries are reminiscent of living in a fairy tale.